Registering to Vote in the 2016 US Election Just Got Easier


It’s time!

As a company whose mission is to democratize publishing, we believe strongly in helping everyone in our community make their voice heard regardless of their political affiliation. So we’ve teamed up with HelloVote to make it easy to register for the upcoming elections in the US — right here on WordPress.com.

Introducing a quick, easy way to register

The election might be mere weeks away, but it’s not too late to register. HelloVote is a sleek voter-registration tool that allows any US-based visitors to your site to register to vote or check their registration status. If you activate the tool, anyone from the US will see a small box at the bottom-right corner of your site where, by entering their phone number, they’ll be able to complete their registration (or verify they’re already registered) in under a minute.


The tool will be automatically disabled on October 12, when registration closes across a large swath of states. While we hope many WordPress.com site owners use this feature to get their audience engaged in the upcoming election, we leave this choice entirely up to you. To activate the HelloVote registration tool, simply head to your site settings and enable the “US Voter Registration Form” setting at the bottom of the first section:


Please note that we don’t collect any information that you or your visitors provide through the registration tool. To learn more about HelloVote’s commitment to protecting users’ information, check out their privacy policy.

We also invite you to use this tool yourself — and encourage others to follow your example.

Happy voting!