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11 Techniques and 5 Tools to Work Toward Limitless Team Productivity

Team productivity drives success to companies in all industries. The role of the team leader is to help the team achieve better results without a professional burning-out. How do you increase team productivity and keep

Amazon Warns Customers: Those Supplements Might Be Fake

The company confirmed that it had notified users earlier this week that the Align supplements they purchased were likely counterfeits.

How to reinstall a package using apt-get on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I am a new Debian Linux / Ubuntu Linux LTS user. How do I reinstall a package using apt-get command line? Is there an ‘apt-get force reinstall package’ command?The Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) works on

We Asked Moms the 9 Biggest Misconceptions About Working Motherhood and Wow, They’re Relatable

When it comes to myths about working moms, don’t believe the hype.

How to Enable USB in VirtualBox

If your data center depends on VirtualBox and your virtual machines depend on the USB device, you’ve perhaps noticed that USB doesn’t support by default unless you’ve manually enabled it. In this article, we...

How To Flush Contents Of a Memcached Server Using Command Line nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I have installed memcached server under Linux, but it is still showing old data. How do I flush the contents of a Memcached instance / server on Linux or Unix-like systems?You can invalidate all existing

While Washington Talks Antitrust, Europe Takes Action

The European Commission fined chipmaker Qualcomm €242 million for luring Chinese phone makers with low prices, forcing a British rival out of the market.


NGINX Levels Up!

Back in April, we released an experimental version of NGINX into the wild for cPanel users at large to test and play around with. The feedback we’ve received from you, the cPanel Community, has been great! For those of you that have been using the experimental version of NGINX, there have been several add-on features that have been requested we add to NGINX to make it more viable. While we’re still a long ways …

Interviews with My Machine Learning Heroes

Meta Article with links to all the interviews with my Machine Learning Heroes: Practitioners, Researchers and Kagglers. During the past few months, I’ve spent time interviewing great practitioners, researchers and kagglers. This post serves as

High-Stakes AI Decisions Need to Be Automatically Audited

Opinion: The current standard for evaluating AI is insufficient. AI systems should be instantly interrogated for bias by a third party.

Yarn Workspaces: Organize Your Project’s Codebase Like A Pro

Any time I start working on a new project, I ask myself, “Should I use separate git repositories for my back-end server and my front-end client(s)? What’s the best way to organize the codebase?”
I had this same question after a few months working on my personal website. I originally had all the code in the same repository: the back end used Node.js and the front end used ES6 with Pug.

Locomotive by Locomotive Wins Site of the Month June: A Case Study

Locomotive by Locomotive Wins Site of the Month June: A Case Study

Locomotive win Site of the Month for their new studio website Locomotive. Thanks for all the votes and tweets, find the winner of the Pro Plan at the end…

What you need to know to be a sysadmin

People work on a computer server with devices

The system administrator of yesteryear jockeyed users and wrangled servers all day, in between mornings and evenings spent running hundreds of meters of hundreds of cables. This is still true today, with the added complexity of cloud computing, containers, and virtual machines.

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7 Gorgeous Free And Open-Source Typefaces And When To Use Them

To facilitate your font picking and pairing process, I’ve included examples of how these typefaces have been put to use recently, as well as a few pairing ideas. Enjoy and don’t forget to ping me on Twitter to show me how you’ve used them — I’d love to see it!
Gangster Grotesk Designed by Adrien Midzic, Gangster Grotesk is a contemporary grotesque with angled terminal strokes that slightly curve inward. Because of these quirky individual touches, the typeface brings a unique flavor to headlines and posters when used at large sizes.

How to Enable Apache Userdir Module on RHEL/CentOS

User Directory or Userdir is an Apache module, which allows user-specific directories to be retrieved through an Apache web server using the syntax. For example, when the mod_userdir module is enabled, users accounts...

My Time at NUS, Singapore

Singapore is home to some of the best schools in the field of Computer Science, specifically Artificial Intelligence. The cutting edge research going on there is unparalleled. Colleges like Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore

Most of the Google Walkout Organizers Have Left the Company

Four of the seven organizers of a 20,000-person walkout at Google in November have quit. The latest to leave is Meredith Whittaker, a researcher on the ethics of AI.


Hi, I’m Tabby. How Can I help?

Hi.  I’m Tabby. I joined the Community Team at cPanel in March 2019 as a Community Manager.  I couldn’t be more excited about it if I tried, and I’ll tell you why; my entire career has led to this role. I’ve done so many weird and disparate things that from the outside, I’m sure when I tell folks that I was an award-winning music educator before I was a Community Manager, it makes no sense …

The Ultimate Guide To Building Scalable Web Scrapers With Scrapy

Web scraping is a way to grab data from websites without needing access to APIs or the website’s database. You only need access to the site’s data — as long as your browser can access the data, you will be able to scrape it.
Realistically, most of the time you could just go through a website manually and grab the data ‘by hand’ using copy and paste, but in a lot of cases that would take you many hours of manual work, which could end up costing you a lot more than the data is worth, especially if you’ve hired someone to do the task for you.