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How to Set Filesystem (Disk) Quotas on Ubuntu

Filesystem quota is a standard built-in feature found in Linux Kernel. Quotas determine the amount of space a file should have to support user activities. The disk quotas also limit the number of files...


Welcome to Jare.Cloud: Let’s Make Some Introductions

Well, well, exciting day… Read the full story


Introduction To Getting Started With Strong and Weak AI – [Part 1]

Hello, you either spend your next 8 minutes a few seconds reading this article or spend the whole week reading 15 encyclopedia text. Read the full story


A Developer Deletes His Code to Protest Its Use by ICE

Seth Vargo removed a tool used by customers of his former employer, Chef. The company quickly restored it, because the software is open source.


Thousands of Tech Workers Join Global Climate Change Strike

Employees in Silicon Valley want their companies to do more to help the planet. Will this activism make a difference?


The Feds Need to ‘Grow a Set and Do Their Jobs’

Lawmakers are busy building their case against Silicon Valley’s giants, but they’re less optimistic about the agencies in charge of antitrust enforcement.


How to Install the Latest MySQL 8 on Debian 10

MySQL is the most widely used open-source database management system used to keep and retrieve data for a broad variety of famous applications. In Debian 10, MariaDB comes with by default as a drop-in...


The Gaming Industry can Boost the Declining Art Market. Here’s How.

The ability for the masses to create art has become commonplace in our highly technological society. Everyone can be an artist, especially with all the online art-making tools available now. In the past, a person


We All Could Pay a Price for the Latest Slap at Huawei

An international cybersecurity group has evicted the Chinese telecom company to comply with US sanctions. That could allow malware to spread more easily.


12 ss Command Examples to Monitor Network Connections

ss command is a tool that is used for displaying network socket related information on a Linux system. The tool displays more detailed information that the netstat command which is used for displaying active...

An AI-Run World Needs to Better Reflect People of Color

The AI market is expected to grow to well over $100 billion by 2025. We’re just a stone’s throw away from a voice-activated, facially recognized, algorithm-driven life. But, for a rapidly growing segment of the

How to Install WordPress Alongside LAMP on Debian 10

First released in 2003, WordPress has grown to become one of the leading CMS systems in the internet, accounting for over 30% of the market share. WordPress is a free and opensource CMS that is

Time-Turner by JK Rowling

In spite of the many Muggle fantasies around the subject, time travel is possible in only a limited sense even in the magical world. While the subject is shrouded in great secrecy – investigations are

Algorithms Should’ve Made Courts More Fair. What Went Wrong?

Although more defendants were granted release without bail, the change mostly helped white people. “On average white defendants benefited more than black defendants,” Stevenson says. The pattern held after Kentucky adopted a more complex risk

WordPress Lessons: Applicable for VR?

What Can We Learn From WordPress To Boost the VR Content Market? Content Management Systems today look nothing like they did several years ago. They have completely changed the world of websites, and because of

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack

In May 2019, WIRED joined the One Free Press Coalition, a united group of preeminent editors and publishers using their global reach and social platforms to spotlight journalists under attack worldwide. Today, the coalition is

How to Install Apache ActiveMQ on Debian 10

Apache ActiveMQ is a flexible and powerful open-source multi-protocol message broker built using Java. A message broker mediates communication among applications by translating a message from the formal messaging protocol of the sender to the

You are not Facebook. You are not Google.

You are also not Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix or one of several other big tech companies I could mention here. If I have excluded anybody reading this – I am sorry. Maybe you will still

Elon Musk: Humanity Is a Kind of ‘Biological Boot Loader’ for AI

JM: I absolutely agree that the population problem is going to face a huge challenge. 1.4 billion people in China sounds a lot, but I think in the next 20 years we will see this

How To Add Code Blocks in Webflow CMS with Language Highlighting

Very recently the team at 8base decided to migrate our blog from Medium to Webflow. If a bag-of-words analysis were run on transcripts from conversations we had around why to do this, the primary representation