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Upcoming Changes to Let’s Encrypt Plugin

Earlier this year, Let’s Encrypt announced the end of life (EOL) plan for their original API. Starting this November, they will no longer allow new account registrations through the original API. After the original API reaches EOL, new account registrations must use Let’s Encrypt’s new API. Because of this, cPanel is migrating its Let’s Encrypt plugin to use that new API instead of the old API. Why change now? If we do not update our plugin, we …


Need help asking your boss to attend WebPros Summit?

The upcoming WebPros Summit 2019 is almost upon us! In talking with different members of the community, a common theme pops up from those who want to attend. “How do I convince my boss/company/employer that we/I should attend the WebPros Summit?” Never fear, we have a solution for you! Take this handy pre-formatted letter and simply replace the text that goes in [these boxes]. There’s plenty of value to attending the Summit this year, and …


Welcome to WebPros Summit 2019!

Summit /?s?m?t/ (noun)- the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development.This year the cPanel Conference is being transformed into the WebPros Summit. With the addition of cPanel to the WebPros family of companies, the natural progression for our annual conference was a combined conference. Partnering with the communities of Plesk, WHMCS, and SolusVM will increase the size and impact that an annual hosting conference has. Enter WebPros Summit 2019. With the power …


Feature Requests and the User Story

…in the great state of Texas, a software company offered unto its’ subjects a Feature Request Site where they could submit their feedback about the products it worked so diligently to create and support. This site was launched in October 2012 to great fanfare and fingers flew across keyboards from across all the lands as requests were submitted. Each person was allotted votes they could use to make their greatest wishes for cPanel known, …


CentOS 6 EOL, CloudLinux 6 OS, and you!

Today we announced a new partnership with our friends over at CloudLinux. Anyone who is gearing up to migrate from CentOS 6 to CentOS7 (and again from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 in a few years) can now consider another option! cPanel & WHM Version 86: The last version to support CentOS 6 We are planning on carrying support for CentOS 6 until the next LTS version of cPanel & WHM, Version 86. Only one version …


NGINX Levels Up!

Back in April, we released an experimental version of NGINX into the wild for cPanel users at large to test and play around with. The feedback we’ve received from you, the cPanel Community, has been great! For those of you that have been using the experimental version of NGINX, there have been several add-on features that have been requested we add to NGINX to make it more viable. While we’re still a long ways …


Hi, I’m Tabby. How Can I help?

Hi.  I’m Tabby. I joined the Community Team at cPanel in March 2019 as a Community Manager.  I couldn’t be more excited about it if I tried, and I’ll tell you why; my entire career has led to this role. I’ve done so many weird and disparate things that from the outside, I’m sure when I tell folks that I was an award-winning music educator before I was a Community Manager, it makes no sense …


UAPI- What’s New in 82

With the release of cPanel & WHM version 82 to CURRENT this week, we are adding several new UAPI modules and functions. These new functions replace several previously-deprecated cPanel API 1 functions. For a complete list of API calls that we’ve added so far, read our Guide to Replacing cPanel API 1 functions with UAPI equivalents documentation. Our goal is to provide a more seamless experience for anyone who integrates with cPanel & WHM.  What is an API, and who uses …


Update to Account-Based Pricing

Late last week, we announced a new licensing and pricing structure for cPanel. This change was the result of several months of conversations and modeling to ensure we understood as many use cases for cPanel & WHM hosting as possible. In the days following our announcement, we have heard from many of our Partners, both online and on the phone, and the feedback has been clear. Our analysis of use cases was incomplete, …


cPanel Application Manager and App Deployment 101

Researching another piece I’ve been writing, I realized that I was grossly unfamiliar with a portion of the cPanel & WHM product. For a bit of background, I’ve been using cPanel & WHM for about nine


Building Communities with Social Media

According to Statista, over 3 billion people across the world are expected to have some form of social media account by 2021. That’s 1/3 of the population of the entire planet. While social media use


Exim CVE-2019-10149, how to protect yourself

Exim is the mail server software cPanel & WHM servers use.  Last week an exploit for Exim was identified, and today a patch for the exploit was released. This exploit allowed for both local and remote


Welcoming WHMCS to the WebPros Family

It is with great affection that I get to share news of an addition to the WebPros family. Starting today, WHMCS joins us as part of this exciting and growing group of companies that power the hosting industry.?  Years


Gotta Go Faster: How Installation Times Improved

If you’ve performed a fresh cPanel & WHM installation recently, you may have noticed how much faster the process is. Aside from a lot of under the hood magic (no, not really), an impressive amount


Removal of PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 in EasyApache Profiles

Both PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 reached End of Life at the beginning of the year, and are no longer receiving any security patches from PHP. With cPanel & WHM Version 80 moving to the current


Let’s Talk AutoSSL- The Updates!

One of the more popular topics talked about amongst the cPanel Community is AutoSSL, a tool that automatically installs domain-validated SSL certificates for cPanel services and users’ websites. Since we haven’t touched on AutoSSL on our blog for a bit,


Brace Yourselves, NGINX is Coming

Arguably, one of the most requested and popular feature requests submitted for cPanel & WHM has been the addition of the NGINX web server as an alternative to Apache. We have good news for those of you


Force HTTPS Redirection

We’ve talked about SSL (secure socket layer) certificates both on the cPanel blog and at the 2018 cPanel Conference in Houston, Tx as well as many other avenues at length. The importance of having an


Plus Addressing in cPanel

Last year, we shared “7 Ways We’ve Improved Email Hosting on cPanel & WHM” and we looked at some cool features for email accounts. After much improvement, we felt that Plus Addressing was an interesting enough