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Introducing cPanel Analytics

As a part of an ongoing initiative to improve user experience in our product, in cPanel & WHM Version 78 we introduced cPanel Analytics. This functionality is intentionally built with ease of use and privacy in

Securing Exim for your Hosting Environment

Exim (Experimental Internal Mailer) is a mail transfer agent known for being a general and flexible mailer, with many tools for checking incoming email. Created in 1995 by Philip Hazel, an estimated 57% of publicly reachable mail servers

WordPress/Joomla!/Drupal- A Security Comparison

One of the more popular methods of publishing content on a website is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS generally has a graphic user interface where a user can log in, create or upload

#JDayFL19 Presentation: After Install of cPanel & WHM

Strengthening connections with our users is a huge part of the work that we do on the Community Team here at cPanel, and conferences like JoomlaDay Florida are perfect for that. Even on years that

Let’s Talk MultiPHP

Many hosting providers have a large customer base with varying needs for their online projects. Available for systems running EasyApache 4, the MultiPHP Manager interface allows you to easily manage the PHP and PHP-FPM configurations of your

Update to WHM’s Create Ticket Interface

If you’re not familiar with the Create Support Ticket interface, this tool lives inside WHM and allows a root user to create a support ticket with the cPanel Support staff. How is this more beneficial than logging

Say Hello to Email Deliverability!

We’d like to introduce you to one of our newest features in cPanel & WHM version 78. The evolution of cPanel’s Email Authentication Interface to the Email Deliverability interface began with a desire to help users keep their legitimate emails

EasyApache 4 and mod_lsapi

As of last week’s update, EasyApache 4 includes a light version of mod_lsapi, a module built and distributed by our friends at CloudLinux. This release is a scaled-back version of the module already distributed by

When PHP Went Pear Shaped- The PHP PEAR Compromise

As you may or may not be aware, on January 19th, 2019, a security announcement was published confirming the compromise of the PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) installation script. The PEAR project had the following statement

Moving Your site to a cPanel Server

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS (Content Management Software) on the internet, with a market share of 59.5% of websites built on the internet. There are numerous ways to get a WordPress blog up and

Security Advisor 101

Inside the Security Center section of WHM lies a feature that some cPanel & WHM users may not be familiar with. Security Advisor is a feature that when selected, displays possible security concerns that hosting providers will

Reseller’s Guide to ACLs and API Tokens

Several versions ago, we made some monumental changes to the way that the ACLs (access control lists) and APIs behave and the level of access they grant. These improvements allow webhosts to provide more access to resellers

A Brand New Tomcat is Here!

In cPanel & WHM version 76, we implemented a new version of Apache Tomcat® for users that run EasyApache 4. This iteration represents a complete overhaul of our implementation and provides substantial differences from the

Move Over MyDNS and NSD- Here Comes PowerDNS!

One of the useful features that we offer with cPanel & WHM is the ability to run your own DNS server . The nameserver features we have provided in the past have included PowerDNS, MyDNS, BIND, and NSD. With the release of cPanel & WHM Version

Cloud-Based Hostname Workaround

It’s very common these days for hosting providers to offer cloud-based hosting solutions to their customers. In configuring these servers ourselves, and in interactions with our customers’ servers, an issue has come to our attention

Changing up the Feedback System

cPanel’s support teams thrive on customer feedback. We work hard to ensure that we are meeting our customer’s expectations and providing them with the best experience. That begins with us trying to understand our customer’s reactions

WHM Feature Showcase update

If you’ve ever logged in to WHM as a root-level user, you’ve assuredly seen a box with a notification of a new or improved feature. This dialogue box is known as the “Feature Showcase,” and

How to Build a cPanel Hosting Environment on Amazon AWS

Let’s say you need to find hosting for multiple web applications with cPanel backend access so clients cannot access each other’s backends. What can you do to create a secure hosting environment without paying for

2018 #cPConf Wrap-Up

The end of the cPanel Conference always triggers a mixture of feelings for me. The completion of the project means a lot of pride, and there’s a huge amount of relief, but it’s also bitter-sweet

2018 cPanel Conference is here!

Today is the first day of the 2018 cPanel Conference. We’re in the middle of setting everything up right now, getting ready to open up conference check-in and registration, and anticipating tonight’s networking party at Chapman