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Changing up the Feedback System

cPanel’s support teams thrive on customer feedback. We work hard to ensure that we are meeting our customer’s expectations and providing them with the best experience. That begins with us trying to understand our customer’s reactions

WHM Feature Showcase update

If you’ve ever logged in to WHM as a root-level user, you’ve assuredly seen a box with a notification of a new or improved feature. This dialogue box is known as the “Feature Showcase,” and

How to Build a cPanel Hosting Environment on Amazon AWS

Let’s say you need to find hosting for multiple web applications with cPanel backend access so clients cannot access each other’s backends. What can you do to create a secure hosting environment without paying for

2018 #cPConf Wrap-Up

The end of the cPanel Conference always triggers a mixture of feelings for me. The completion of the project means a lot of pride, and there’s a huge amount of relief, but it’s also bitter-sweet

2018 cPanel Conference is here!

Today is the first day of the 2018 cPanel Conference. We’re in the middle of setting everything up right now, getting ready to open up conference check-in and registration, and anticipating tonight’s networking party at Chapman

Your 2018 #cPConf Checklist

There are a lot of things we are looking forward to at this year’s conference. Engaging talks, fantastic networking sessions, super cool swag, and of course, some of the best evening events in the industry.

How to get the Best Support in 2018

Earlier this year one of our technical analysts, Peter Elsner, wrote a tutorial on how to get the most from cPanel’s technical support. It hits on everything you should provide to our support team, but it is a

Check out Halon, a new sponsor at this year’s cPanel Conference!

This is a guest blog post provided by the Halon Team! Halon is a first-time exhibitor of the annual cPanel Conference.   —————- Are your customers spending time in spam-folders? Try Halon instead Halon is happy

Ready for cPanel & WHM Version Certification 2018?

cPanel Conference time is closing in steadily, with only 18 days left until the big event. Here on the cPanel University team, we’re continuing our tradition of offering a special certification. This certification is only available to those lucky folks that will be

Renaming Proxy Subdomains to Service Domains

In cPanel & WHM version 76, which we expect to be in EDGE this week, we renamed “Proxy Subdomains” to “Service Subdomains” due to improvements we are making under the hood. Let’s talk about where

In our Second Home of Houston

The WHMCS team is incredibly excited to be sponsoring and taking part in cPanel Conference for another year. Thanks to our special relationship with cPanel, the cPanel conference provides a unique opportunity to connect with

Welcome to the Land Where it Just Don’t Stop

This year cPanel has chosen its home base of Houston, Texas as the location for its annual conference.  What makes the city so great? Let me tell you the ways! The Music! In his seminal

Asking your boss to send you to #cPConf

Dear [Name of the world’s best boss], cPanel is having their annual conference from October 1st through October 3rd, and I think it would be very beneficial to the company for me to attend. As you

Why use a multi-layered approach to securing web servers (LAB at the cPanel conference)

This is a guest blog post provided by the CloudLinux Team! CloudLinux is an alumni sponsor of the annual cPanel Conference.   —————- We all know that layered security is best practice in server protection. Imunify360,

The Beginning is The End is The Beginning (of EasyApache)

As most of you are aware, EasyApache3 (EA3) is going to End of Life status as of December 2018.  Moving to EOL status means that if you are still running EA3 by the time v78 is released,

A true story of a mission impossible.

This is a guest post from Tim Hollis, VP of Operations at JetApps! JetApps has returned this year to exhibit at the cPanel Conference, October 1st – 3rd in Houston, Texas. If you haven’t already,

cPanel Oakley Investment FAQ

Earlier today we issued a Press Release about some very exciting news around cPanel. Below we answer some of the most common questions so far. Q: What was announced? A: On August 20th, 2018, cPanel

Using the cPanel App

Hello again from the world of Customer Service! Over the past several months, we have seen many customers inquire into the cPanel App, its features, and how to set it up. I would like to

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss cPanel Conference 2018

The annual cPanel Conference is headed home to vibrant Houston, TX! Attracting attendees from around the globe, you will get an exclusive opportunity for personal development, intense learning, and the best networking events in the industry.

Legacy Backup Deprecation in cPanel & WHM Version 74

The Legacy Backup system will be deprecated in cPanel & WHM Version 74, and we anticipate support for Legacy Backups will be removed in Version 82 (currently expected in mid-2019). Before that happens, though, we are focusing on expanding the functionality