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Build a Better WordPress Website With Envato Elements

One of the best parts of building a website with WordPress is that you have so many choices available to you. And because there is a virtually endless number of layout tools and design assets,

What Is Inbound Marketing? (And Why It Works So Well)

Inbound marketing is relatively straightforward. It pulls in customers who are already looking for what you have. Do it well, and you can see more leads or …

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8 Superb Abandoned Cart Emails – Learn From Them to Stop Missing Out on 7 Out of 10 Buyers

Although e-commerce is experiencing spectacular growth ($2.3 trillion in sales since 2017, a number that’s expected to double by 2021!), there’s still a lot of room for optimization. This is where abandoned cart emails come into play.


How to Make a Personal Resume Website: From a WordPress Theme

What You’ll Be Creating In the modern work world, a simple resume is often not enough. Sure, it’s imperative to send it along with any job application, but if you truly want to stand out you need

How to Select the Best Domain Registrar (Our Recommendations)

What’s one of the first (and sometimes more difficult) parts of building a website? Yes, the domain name. Sometimes it comes easy–if you already have a …

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How to Make an Animated Beating Heart with SVG

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Best Standing Desk: 6 Desks Compared, Plus How to Pick a Desk That Matches Your Needs 100%

“Best standing desk?” Doesn’t seem like exactly the perfect-match topic for a “WordPress advice” blog, does it? Well, actually, it kinda does. Two reasons:


20 Best WordPress Resume Themes: For Your Personal Website

Whether you’re fresh out of college or looking to find a better job, you will need a resume to showcase all your skills and help you stand out from the competition.  Nowadays, however, a standard resume or a


Animations to Take Your Basic HTML Template to the Next Level

Animations can lift your website presentation to the next level. The right animation will have a positive impact on your site’s UX, reinforcing each interaction and creating a memorable experience. On the other hand, poorly

How to Migrate to (Step by Step Guide)

Need to migrate from to (AKA self-hosted WordPress)? Usually, this means you’re ready to take your blog or business to the next level! Going …

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New Course: Customize a Template With VisBug

What You’ll Be Creating Recently, we gave you a quick introduction to VisBug, a new browser extension for Chrome that allows you to make point-and-click changes to the look of any website, all from within

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Jazib Zaman

Jazib Zaman is the CEO and founder of WPArena, TechEngage, and many other exciting WordPress projects. Some of them include developing themes, plugins, and running popular …

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WordPress Theme Design Trends (2003 to 2019)

When the first version of WordPress was shipped in May 2003, it had groundbreaking design features for the time and defined the first batch of WordPress theme design trends to come. There were highly intelligent line breaks, nice textures, and the ability for bloggers to add links to their blogrolls.


20 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for 2019 Websites

It can be difficult to differentiate yourself in the real estate industry, but a beautiful website can certainly help.  Finding the perfect real estate theme is a challenge, considering the sheer number of themes available.


An Introduction to CSS Exclusions: The Future of Complex Web Layout

CSS layout has never been more powerful than now. The days of float hacks, margin magic, and all their fragile companions are behind us as our layout dreams are finally on the verge of coming


New Course: How to Build Your Website With Envato Sites

What You’ll Be Creating Sometimes, you just need to publish a website quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to do that (and create a professional-looking end result) in our new course, How to Build Your

Marketing Features vs Benefits – Are You Using the Right Approach?

The old sales saying is that while facts tell, stories sell. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple in reality. Especially with more technical products or spaces …

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February 2019 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #Developers #Debugging #WebDesign

Welcome to another edition of our tech and WordPress comics series. This month, we continue our study into the wildlife of the developer, especially if you ever wondered what they do behind closed doors…


20+ Best WordPress Directory Themes to Make Business Websites (2019)

Making your own business listing website can be difficult. Thanks to quality WordPress directory themes, however, you can get the job done right and fast.  Listify: multipurpose WordPress directory theme that continues to trend in

WordPress 5.1 Beta 3, New WordPress Leadership, Newspack In The Works ?? February 2019 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

Hi, WordPress friends! 2019 started strongly, bringing a bunch of impactful news in the past four weeks. During this time, Matt Mullenweg made some major changes to the WordPress leadership team, Automattic announced the release of an open-source platform for journalists, the guys at WPML had to urgently solve a data breach allegedly caused by a former employee, while WordPress itself and the block editor went through another series of improvements and updates.