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Tech Job Interviews 101: 15 Web Designer Interview Questions Explained

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Talk: The Faker You Are, the More Successful You Can Be! Pablo Stanley, Design Lead at InvisionApp.

[embedded content] Pablo Stanley, Design Lead at InvisionApp gave a highly entertaining and critical talk to the backdrop of his own playful animations. His refreshing presentation resonated with the room as he shared the dos

50 of the Fiercest Fashion Websites

The fashion industry is always looking for the latest trends to soak up, reinterpret, and then relaunch in its own way to the rest of the world. This behaviour is also common in web design.

How do you evaluate the quality of a project in graphics?

How do you understand when a graphics project is effective? When it’s nice or ugly? Should it be “cute”? Should it be “fashionable”? In short: how do you assess the quality of a project? In

20 Unique and Creative Web Portfolios

A portfolio is much more than a simple showcase of work, its personality is just as important as the projects displayed on it, especially for young freelancers and agencies. In this selection we’ve uncovered distinctive

Dogstudio by Dogstudio Wins Site of the Month April

Dogstudio has been voted SOTM April! Thanks to everyone who got involved and voted for their favorite site, the winner of the year’s Professional Plan in our Directory can be found at the end of

All You Need to Know About Kerning in Typography

In order for messages to be clearly transmitted, many factors play an important role. Depending on the type of communication, factors such as stuttering, poor grammar, bad alignment of letters, incorrect use of punctuation marks,

Case Study: Jorik

Jorik is the new fashion label launched and designed by the Dutch celebrity power couple Jorik Scholten (aka Lil Kleine) and Jaimie Vaes, and we had the opportunity to create the brand’s website. The brief

Talk: How To Design For What’s Next, Executive Director, Experience Design AKQA | David Vogel

[embedded content] David Vogel is Executive Director, Experience Design at AKQA (Europe) where he creates delightful products and experiences that add value for consumers. At awwwards conference Amsterdam David talked about transcending the screen, inventing

Vote Now for April’s Site of the Month and Win a Year’s Free Pro Plan in the Awwwards Directory!

Checking out our Site of the Month nominees is one of the quickest ways you can get inspiration from the best projects on the web right now. Have a look at this selection of beautiful

4 ways to attract customers by simplifying your website design

There are times when customers want as much content as possible, as many design elements and drop-downs as possible. They saw some cool sites and they wanted a little of everything. That’s quite understandable, but

Finding the right multipurpose WP Theme just got easier: here are the top 12 examples

“Multipurpose”, “all-in-one”, and “universal” tools and products.  You heard of them before. They have a reputation for doing some things well, and other things not very well at all. We bet you also proverbial “Jack

Don’t Make These Beginner Designer’s Mistakes

“The customer only cares about money and earnings, while the designer only cares about being able to publish a good job on Dribble or Behance.” This is a concept that I saw represented in a

How 5G Will Change the Mobile App Development Landscape

Could you have ever imagined a technology that would transmit millions of mb of data from your system to a myriad of globally connected devices in the blink of an eye? Fortunately, with the advent

Talk: How to Build Meaningful Animations with Louis Ansa, Art Director at makemepulse

[embedded content] Art Director at makemepulse, Louis Ansa joined us at awwwards Amsterdam to discuss how an animation system can add meaning to a design and an extra layer of information and personality to brands,

Famous Fonts Used by Powerful Companies

Have you ever wondered what the most used fonts in the most famous logos are? Those logos that happen to be seen hundreds of times, repeated on all the screens, shirts and sheets of paper

The 6 Principles of UX

If you are approaching the world of UX or you are already a navigated UX / UI Designer, then this article, in which I am going to talk about 6 principles that every UX Designer

Case Study: Dominic Berzins’ Single Page Portfolio Site

Having recently entered the world of freelancing, I realized that I would probably need a portfolio site. While that’s a natural thing for a Creative Developer or an Art Director, as someone working predominantly in

10 of the best number fonts out there

Although typography is nothing new, it changes all the time, and we love it. It’s always fun to see what kind of cool and unique combination you can come up with to make your brand,

2018: Year in Review by Green Chameleon Wins Site of the Month March

Round of applause to Green Chameleon for winning Site of the Month March with Our 2018: Year in Review, here they share the processes of creating their developer driven 3D time capsule. Thanks for all