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A Comprehensive Guide to Flexbox Sizing

Flexbox sizing makes it possible to create flexible layouts that fully adapt to the screen. If you set up everything correctly you won’t have to rely on media queries to support different viewports, layouts, and


16+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors (2019)

There is no shortage of professional WordPress themes for making a website in 2019, for every niche imaginable.  Whilst you can use almost any theme for your writer’s website, there are some text-based WordPress themes out there

13 of the Most Interesting Vue UI Component Libraries for 2019

In this post, we cover some of the most interesting Vue UI component libraries that you should look into in 2019. They will certainly come in handy if you have a Vue application in the works!


19+ Best WordPress Themes for Consultants & Coaches (2019)

Helping businesses and individuals increase their revenue, realize their true potential, and accomplish their goals is an exciting and rewarding career. But, as a business coach or a consultant, you need a beautiful and modern


New Course: VisBug Quick Start

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How to Create a WordPress Custom Dashboard for Yourself or Clients

Want to create a WordPress custom dashboard at your site? You might want to create a more customized experience for your clients or third-party users (like …

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How to Customize Bootstrap’s Sass Files With Grunt

Today, we’ll learn how to customize Bootstrap 4’s Sass files with Grunt.  Instead of Grunt, we could just as easily use another task runner like Gulp, webpack, or npm scripts. Regardless of the build tool the process of

How to Use Data Tables in WordPress – Creative Ways to Build Data-Filled HTML Tables

In this guide, I’ll present some creative ideas on how you can use HTML tables / data tables in WordPress, make them look pristine ?, and also make sure that they’re optimized for mobile and are SEO-friendly at the same time.

Eye-Opening YouTube Stats and Facts (2nd Most-Visited Site)

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram may be moving toward being better video platforms, but we all know who the real OG is in …

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10 Actions to Strengthen Your Core UX Design Skills in 2019

There is no silver bullet for excelling at UX Design. That said, there are a couple of skills we can work on in order to become better professionals and, more importantly, to get the opportunity

How to create a member directory on your MemberPress site

How to create a member directory on your MemberPress site

MemberPress is one of my go-to plugins for easily protecting and charging for access to your content. I appreciate the fact that they stay focused on this core goal and don’t overload it with extraneous features. So it does not have a member directory feature built-in, but by using an additional free plugin you can add this capability.

In this use-case the requirements of the directory are simple: a front-end listing of site members, that other users can browse.

When people register for your MemberPress offerings, they are added to the existing user system within WordPress.  That means that any plugin which taps into that to display WordPress users, should work fine with MemberPress. You don’t have to look for anything that is MemberPress-specific.

There are several fully featured and fairly complex directory plugins available on the WordPress repo, they are generally aimed at being all-in-one solutions for creating and monetizing the directory. They aren’t really designed to be used in conjunction with an existing membership site.

But there are fewer plugins that take a simpler approach, and even fewer that do a good job.

Read on for my recommendations.

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Robert Abela

Robert Abela is the CEO and founder of WP White Security, a European based company which develops WordPress security plugins. They also blog about all things related …

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How to Create Awesome Popups in WordPress with Elementor Pro

I’m going to show you how to make some great-looking and functional popups in WordPress, using Elementor Pro.  Gotta love that landing page Elementor is a page builder for WordPress. It allows you to use


20 Responsive Email Newsletter Templates—For 2019 Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing, according to Ascend2, a research and marketing firm. Based on survey results reported in Forbes Magazine, 54% of global respondents rated email marketing as giving

20+ of the Best Bootstrap Admin Templates for Your Next Project

If you’re starting a project like a web app or a website that requires an admin dashboard, then this collection of Bootstrap admin templates will be a great starting point! Bootstrap is a free and open-source JavaScript framework that contains a whole lot of ready-made code to help you create things.


21+ Best Responsive WordPress Themes (For Sites in 2019)

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15 Feature-Packed Bootstrap Admin Templates

When you’re building something which needs a backend, or a dashboard of some kind, one of the best ways to get your project up and running is with Bootstrap. We’ve compiled a list of 15

Best Grammar Checker Tools for Writing and WordPress

From writing emails to crafting the perfect travel blog post, grammar means a lot if you’d like to maintain credibility in the business world. Some of …

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Best Password Manager: LastPass vs Dashlane vs Bitwarden vs 1Password

Looking for the best password manager to keep your login credentials safe? If you’re reading this post, you probably don’t need me to tell you that it’s a scary world out there when it comes to digital security. In fact, if you use the same password on multiple sites, it’s probably been leaked already, putting you at digital risk.


New Course: Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Gutenberg has landed! If you want to get the most out of the new WordPress post editor, try our new course, Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress. What You’ll Learn WordPres Gutenberg offers a new, streamlined way to