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17 MailChimp Templates for Every Purpose and Occasion

In this article we list 17 different MailChimp templates to help you make the most of your email marketing efforts, no matter the occasion or purpose. These templates have been selected for their amazing designs,


10 Vital Tips for Developing SEO-Friendly Themes

Are you a developer who sells website themes on ThemeForest or another marketplace? Then you’ll want to make your themes as appealing as possible for potential buyers. Good design is one thing, but (understandably) more

10 Alternative Typefaces to the Ubiquitous Gotham

Gotham has become one of the most ubiquitous typographies of the 21st century. Its versatility and, undoubtedly, its good design makes it useable in many spaces. Even more, since it became the official typography of

Talk: What Designers Can Learn from (Code) Review with Co-founder of Confrere, Ida Aalen

[embedded content] Ida Aalen is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Confrere, bridging UX, content strategy and product management, Her mission: to prove that there’s no such thing as no time or no resources for


Landing Pages and Drip Campaigns: How They Work Together

Imagine that you’re running a business website where you sell a consulting service or physical products, and you’re targeting several groups of different consumers. Your website homepage obviously cannot be tailored to each group with


New Course: A Web Designer’s Guide to the WebP Image Format

The WebP image format was created by Google with the goal of creating high-quality images with smaller file sizes. Learn how to use it in our new course, A Web Designer’s Guide to the WebP


Turkish Airlines Updated its Logo

The national airline of Turkey, which flies to 122 countries around the world, has updated its branding hand in hand with the Imagination studio. Airlines always look for the best design that defines their identity.

A New WooCommerce Alternative – Hello BigCommerce

WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the planet. In fact, it powers over one-third of all websites on the internet. In the past, if you wanted to incorporate an e-commerce store


Case Study: Femme Fatale Studio presents ‘Easy Tiger’

Concept We, Femme Fatale Studio were asked to create a brand new portfolio for the cinema production company ‘Easy Tiger’. Easy Tiger is a pretty young company based in Paris but has already won, during


22+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes: With Premium Responsive Designs

Nowadays, every business should have a website. As a restaurant or cafe owner, it’s imperative that your food business has a well-branded, beautifully-designed online presence in order to attract more customers. Do you need a

Starbucks Will Redesign its Packaging to Fight Against Pollution

The international coffee chain Starbucks will make the change to an eco-friendly packaging design that allows its customers to recycle the packaging of the products. Starbucks makes a change Starbucks sells about 4 billion glasses

20+ of the Best Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2019

Why would you care about best Angular admin dashboard templates? Well, there’s a lot that goes into building any application for the web. But thanks to some great platforms and frameworks, you don’t even have

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Radu Oprea

Radu Oprea is the co-founder of tagDiv, a company that focuses on building amazing blog, news, and magazine WordPress themes. He’s also the senior developer behind the Newspaper and Newsmag themes; which are used to


17 Best WordPress Music Themes (2019) for All Musicians

As a musician or a band, your primary goals are to fill the gig venue with raving fans and get noticed by agents. The best way to make sure that happens is to create an

The hottest UX and UI tools you’ll want to check out today

          Companies used to place the highest priority on delivering bug-free software. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. Bug-free software is a worthy goal. The problem is, these same companies neglected to address usability


Better Data Presentation for Infographics: Practical Animation Examples

Motion and animation, when done properly, can make your website more attractive. Websites which use data presentation and infographics are the perfect example. Using the animation framework we created previously, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to

How to use backgrounds and textures in your web design

In most cases, when we are creating a web design, we are moving towards a black and white trend. It seems that it is the simplest, most elegant, and the best way to give readability

UI vs UX: What’s the Difference From a Practical Point of View

The terms UI and UX (design) are very often used interchangeably. Even up to a point where many people/designers/clients refer to them as “UI/UX design” – a kind of all-in-one combo. This is not perfect,

What Is HTTP/3 – Lowdown on the Fast New UDP-Based Protocol

TL;DR In November 2018, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) met in Bangkok, and a new Internet Draft was adopted. The QUIC transport protocol, an HTTP/2 successor, was renamed to HTTP/3. HTTP/3 builds on UDP,

15 Original Templates for PowerPoint in 2019

Despite the fierce competition that has emerged over the past few years, PowerPoint remains one of the most used programs to make presentations. But, on many occasions, we spend too much time thinking and creating