The Cryptocurrency Market is No Exception?—?There is NO Best Rebalancing Period

We backtested 10,000 cryptocurrency portfolios to find out. At Hodlbot, we automatically rebalance people’s cryptocurrency portfolios. So inevitably, one of the most common questions I get is, “what is the best rebalancing period?” I attempted to


Get started with WTF, a dashboard for the terminal

Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data

There seems to be a mad rush at the beginning of every year to find ways to be more productive. New Year’s resolutions, the itch to start the year off right, and of course, an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude all contribute to this. And the usual round of recommendations is heavily biased towards closed source and proprietary software. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the sixth of my picks for 19 new (or new-to-you) open source tools to help you be more productive in 2019.

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The definitive guide to MongoDB security

Picture this: you are all ready to pack up and head home after a tiring day at work, but just as you are about to shut down, this pops up: A sinking feeling starts to

mStream – A Personal Streaming Server to Stream Music from Anywhere

mStream is a free, open source and cross-platform personal music streaming server that lets you sync and stream music between all your devices. It consists of a lightweight music streaming server written with NodeJS;...

SpaceX to build its Starship in Texas… for now – CNET

Elon Musk’s company has cancelled its long-term plans to assemble its biggest rockets at the Port of Los Angeles.

How Did Russian Hackers Phish America’s Power Grid?

The kill chain, the phishing attack and the broken trust graph The Wall Street Journal published an explosive story about how state-sponsored Russian hackers used a variety of techniques and a spider web of compromised accounts

OpenBSD install MariaDB database server nixCraft

How do I install MariaDB database servers on OpenBSD Unix operating systems?Introduction: MariaDB is a drop in replacement for Oracle MySQL servers. MariaDB is a multithreaded SQL database with a command syntax very similar to

How to install networked HP printer and scanner on Fedora Linux nixCraft

I have HP Officejet Pro printer and scanner. How do I install HP Officejet Pro network printers and scanners on Fedora Linux? How can I install HP printer on Fedora Linux?Introduction – You need to

Huawei’s Many Troubles: Bans, Alleged Spies, and Backdoors

Its execs have been arrested. Its gear is banned in places. And countries are reconsidering relationships with the company. How much trouble is Huawei really in?


Quick Tip: How to Customize Bootstrap 4’s Accordion Component

In this quick tip, we’ll build a Bootstrap 4 accordion component, tailor it with some CSS changes, and apply a few JavaScript customizations. Let’s get started! Note: This tutorial assumes you have some familiarity with Bootstrap 4. 1.


2 New Web Design eBooks From A Book Apart

As part of an Envato Elements subscription, you don’t just get access to over 1,000 video courses on Envato Tuts+ and unlimited access to 870,000+ creative assets. You can also read eBooks from some leading

How to Mount Windows Partitions in Ubuntu

If you are running a dual-boot of Ubuntu and Windows, sometimes you might fail to access a Windows partition (formatted with NTFS or FAT32 filesystem type), while using Ubuntu, after hibernating Windows (or when...

Disability rights group sues scooter companies over clogged sidewalks – CNET

People with disabilities say they’ve tripped on scooters and nearly been hit by riders.

AWS Backup – Automate and Centrally Manage Your Backups

AWS gives you the power to easily and dynamically create file systems, block storage volumes, relational databases, NoSQL databases, and other resources that store precious data. You can create them on a moment’s notice as the need arises, giving you access to as much storage as you need and opening the door to large-scale cloud […]

KSH redirect stdout and stderr to a file on Linux or Unix nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I am working with KSH script on Unix operating system. How do I redirect error messages in Unix when using KSH? How can I redirect stdout and stderr with KSH on Linux or Unix-like systems?Introduction

Linux / UNIX: Bash Script Sleep or Delay a Specified Amount of Time nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How do I pause for 5 seconds or 2 minutes in my bash shell script on a Linux or Unix-like systems?You need to use the sleep command to add delay for a specified amount of

Anti-Trump Activists Defend Fake-*Washington Post* Stunt

Protesters have created satirical newspapers before, but the tactic comes with more baggage in the era of fake news.

Behind the Scenes & Under the Carpet – The CenturyLink Network that Powered AWS re:Invent 2018

If you are a long-time reader, you may have already figured out that I am fascinated by the behind-the-scenes and beneath-the-streets activities that enable and power so much of our modern world. For example, late last year I told you how The AWS Cloud Goes Underground at re:Invent and shared some information about the communication […]

What Is a Chatbot – Should You Add One to Your WordPress Site?

You’re probably already somewhat familiar with chatbots, or have at least seen one pop up in the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen while browsing …

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How to install FFmpeg on Fedora Linux 28/29 using dnf nixCraft

When I type ffmpeg -i input output.mp4 on Fedora Linux, I get an error: “bash: ffmpeg: command not found…”. How do I install ffmpeg on Fedora Linux 28 or 29 workstations?Introduction – FFmpeg is an

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