Integrating Bokeh visualisations into Django Projects.

Despite being a python developer for years only recently have I needed to interact with Django. While exploring Django, I decided I wanted to learn a little more about Bokeh the visualisation library. I tried


Build a Better WordPress Website With Envato Elements

One of the best parts of building a website with WordPress is that you have so many choices available to you. And because there is a virtually endless number of layout tools and design assets,

How Can Hierarchical Test Structure Absolutely Make a Mess?

source: pexels Have you ever written your unit tests using a simple xUnit style testing framework? Then you probably know, as tests get more complex, the more boilerplate and duplication they collect, either spread among

What Is Inbound Marketing? (And Why It Works So Well)

Inbound marketing is relatively straightforward. It pulls in customers who are already looking for what you have. Do it well, and you can see more leads or …

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Inside the Alexa-Friendly World of Wikidata

Virtual assistants do their jobs better thanks to Wikidata, which aims to (eventually) represent everything in the universe in a way computers can understand.

fd – A Simple and Fast Alternative to Find Command

Most of the Linux users are well familiar with the find command and the many cases it can be used. Today we are going to review an alternative to find command, called fd. fd,...

Oscars 2019: How to stream online, start time, nominees, predictions and more – CNET

When does it begin? Where can you watch? Does Black Panther have a chance? Everything you need to know ahead of Oscars 2019.

Tracking the trackers. Draw connections between scripts and domains on website.

TL;DR Kupa3 allows you to draw connections between scripts on specific website. It search for javascript code or source attribute, in html code, and crawls it in order to draw a dependency graph. This approach

This Company Takes the Grunt Work Out of Using the Cloud

HashiCorp has won fans among developers, and a billion-dollar valuation, by automating the mundane tasks of setting up and configuring servers.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: Start time, how to watch, full match card and more – CNET

Elimination Chamber is this weekend. Here’s every confirmed match and participants.

The Pentagon Needs to Woo AI Experts Away From Big Tech

Opinion: Without more DOD investment, there just aren’t enough incentives to lure talent away from high-paying jobs with great benefits into a life of public service.


Zowe 1.0 released, Microsoft joins OpenChain, new Raspberry Pi store, and more news

In this week’s edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the first physical Raspberry Pi store, NVIDIA’s hyper-realistic face generator, Microsoft joining the OpenChain project, and more.

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10 Cool Software to Try from CORP Repo in Fedora

In this article, we will share 10 cool software projects to try in Fedora distribution. All the apps or tools covered here can be found in COPR repository. However, before we move any further,...

Twitter hides tweet that appears to be from Iran’s supreme leader – CNET

Twitter said the tweet violated its rules against making threats of violence or wishing for the death of a person.

What Can Freelancers Learn From Will Smith’s Mistakes?

So, Will Smith made a bad call by turning down the leading role in the Matrix. I think that this interesting story involves more than meets the freelance eye. Here’s why. Why Good Freelancers Choose

With HQ2, New York and Amazon Played a Zero Sum Game—And Everyone Lost

With the HQ2 split, New York lost a chance for a more diverse economy. Amazon lost a chance to engage with critics. And in it all, America lost out too.

6 Red Flags in Job Descriptions That Should Have You Running for the Hills

When you see any of these 6 red flags in a job listing, turn the other way and RUN!

Beyond Crypto?—?Blockchain Ethics

The Not So Good 51% Attacks and Double Spending As I mentioned before, blockchains are just nodes (people’s computers) working together to create a network. One of the beauties of these nodes is that their owners are

Personal Data Collection: The Complete Wired Guide

On the internet, the personal data users give away for free is transformed into a precious commodity. The puppy photos people upload train machines to be smarter. The questions they ask Google uncover humanity’s deepest

8 Superb Abandoned Cart Emails – Learn From Them to Stop Missing Out on 7 Out of 10 Buyers

Although e-commerce is experiencing spectacular growth ($2.3 trillion in sales since 2017, a number that’s expected to double by 2021!), there’s still a lot of room for optimization. This is where abandoned cart emails come into play.

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