Galaxy Fold, Mate X prices make the iPhone XS’ cost seem reasonable – CNET

The Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are pushing prices higher.

20+ of the Best Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2019

Why would you care about best Angular admin dashboard templates? Well, there’s a lot that goes into building any application for the web. But thanks to some great platforms and frameworks, you don’t even have to code each component from scratch.

The Very Mathematical History of a Perfect Color Combination

Solarized creator Ethan Schoonover sought colors that would look good together, have the same apparent brightness, and work on light and dark backgrounds.

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Radu Oprea

Radu Oprea is the co-founder of tagDiv, a company that focuses on building amazing blog, news, and magazine WordPress themes. He’s also the senior developer behind …

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Tesla eliminates service schedules, moves to an ‘as-needed’ model – Roadshow

The EV company found that after years of servicing its vehicles, components weren’t wearing as quickly as it originally anticipated.

Beating Amazon with Blockchain

…and a shared Supply Chain and an eCommerce System Dr. Drew Miller Managing Director, Blockchain Business Consultants [email protected] An article, “The Shrinking Middle Class: How We Got Here, And Why” in the December 2018 issue

TypeScript’s Quiet, Steady Rise Among Programming Languages

TypeScript, Microsoft’s JavaScript Alternative, Continues to Rise in Popularity


The cPanel Mail Server – cPanel Eats Its Own Dog Food

“Eating your own dog food” is a popular practice amongst companies where the employees are encouraged, and often do, use their own product in real life scenarios. The phrase “eating your own dog food” was purported to have been coined in the 1970s when television advertisements for Alpo Dog Food. Spokesman Lorne Greene pointed out that he had fed Alpo to his own dogs. Another possibility, even stranger, was a story of the president of …


17 Best WordPress Music Themes (2019) for All Musicians

As a musician or a band, your primary goals are to fill the gig venue with raving fans and get noticed by agents. The best way to make sure that happens is to create an

Why Your Company Support Team Really Needs Live Chat

Live chat is an application or software which allows any member of staff within an organization to directly chat with visitors on their company website. Software for live chatting is more than just a nice


Better Data Presentation for Infographics: Practical Animation Examples

Motion and animation, when done properly, can make your website more attractive. Websites which use data presentation and infographics are the perfect example. Using the animation framework we created previously, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to

Huawei P30 Pro will cost more than the Galaxy S10 Plus according to leak – CNET

The quad-rear camera behemoth will cost 999 euros, which converts roughly to $1,130.

How to Add New Fonts in Fedora

Fonts always assist you to express your feelings in more creative ways through design. Whether you are captioning a picture, creating a presentation, or designing an advertisement or greeting, fonts can improve your idea...

Sean Lourdes Shares a Vital Hack for Success in Life and Business

Behind every successful business is a solid strategy. Every year, companies invest collective hundreds of millions of dollars in professionals who they hope would give them the best strategies for their businesses. They do this

The EU Hits Google With a Third Billion-Dollar Fine. So What?

The latest penalty—stemming from how Google previously displayed search results on other websites—probably won’t act as a deterrent, and critics want more.

Dilbert as a GIF

Using Deep learning to create an animated GIF We present a way to create a GIF from a comic strip using deep learning. The final result looks like this: Dilbert as a GIF Disclaimer: All the Dilbert

Cannabis: The Complete WIRED Guide

Humanity just can’t make up its mind about cannabis. For thousands of years, humans have used the stuff as medicine or to travel on spiritual quests. That, though, didn’t quite suit the British, who banned

UI vs UX: What’s the Difference From a Practical Point of View

The terms UI and UX (design) are very often used interchangeably. Even up to a point where many people/designers/clients refer to them as “UI/UX design” – a kind of all-in-one combo.

What Is HTTP/3 – Lowdown on the Fast New UDP-Based Protocol

TL;DR In November 2018, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) met in Bangkok, and a new Internet Draft was adopted. The QUIC transport protocol, an HTTP/2 …

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2019 Honda Talon first drive review: A hard-core adventure buggy – Roadshow

Honda’s first sport side-by-side is an off-road terror.

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