Interview with Kaggle Kernels Expert: Aakash Nain

In this interview, I’m talking to Aakash Kumar Nain, A kaggle kernels expert, Data Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer. (Also an underground CS:Source Grand Master) Sanyam:? Hey Aakash! Thank you for doing this interview. Aakash: Hey


10 Important Things to Know About Security Tokens

Security Tokens Series (5 part series?—?Part 1) By now you may have come across these Blockchain technology buzzwords such as tokens, utility tokens and security tokens. If you already know a thing or two about them,


Re-imagining money: are the 700 years of centralization over now?

By Olga Grinina “(money)… drives the world, for better or worse. Economic incentives drives entire swathes of human populations to behave” Chamath Palihapitiya Most of us are used to looking at money through the conventional

FreeBSD add a user to group nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How do I add a user to group under FreeBSD operating system? How can I add a user named top to existing group on a FreeBSD? How do I add a user to a group

FreeBSD Install Nginx Webserver Tutorial nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How do I install an Nginx webserver under a FreeBSD Unix operating system? How can I install Nginx web server on FreeBSD?nginx [engine x] is a HTTP server, reverse proxy and mail proxy server written


Check out Halon, a new sponsor at this year’s cPanel Conference!

This is a guest blog post provided by the Halon Team! Halon is a first-time exhibitor of the annual cPanel Conference.   —————- Are your customers spending time in spam-folders? Try Halon instead Halon is happy to announce that we will sponsor the cPanel conference for the first time. We have been here before but only as visitors. From what we have understood, a significant part of our target group is here which makes our presence …


Prototyping in Design Thinking: Fail Fast, Fail Often

In “Design Thinking”, all roads lead to prototyping and testing. The whole process is biased towards action. The ultimate goal is to prototype fast, prototype often, and test it on real users.  Rapid prototyping frees


TCPflow – Analyze and Debug Network Traffic in Linux

TCPflow is a free, open source, powerful command line based tool for analyzing network traffic on Unix-like systems such as Linux. It captures data received or transferred over TCP connections, and stores it in...

5 of the Best Domain Name Generators, Plus How to Use Them to Find Your Perfect Domain Name

Finding a good domain name is like playing darts; throw words into some of the best domain name generators and your catchy name pops out, right? Sadly, this isn’t true. If you’re building a new site or starting a blog then you’ve already heard how important the domain name is.

B2B Lead Generation – Tips and Strategies for 2018

A lead is not just a random potential client. It’s the one that is only a step away from you. All you need is to grab …

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Typography: The Anatomy of a Letter

Learn the basics of typography in this quick video! Typography: The Anatomy of a Letter The more we communicate, the closer we become. Typography inspires us by reminding the world of a simpler time without


How to Install and Configure Apache Tomcat 9 in CentOS

Apache Tomcat (earlier known as Jakarta Tomcat) is an open-source web server developed by Apache Foundation to provide a pure Java HTTP server, which will enable you to run Java files easily, which means...


Bridging the Gap Between Design & Code

‘Design & Code’ is a series about design and engineering experiments, processes, and learnings, brought to you by the AirSwap team. At AirSwap, we have an asynchronous and iterative approach to product development. However, one of


Text Editors (and Codes) Are Things of Beauty

This week, we started learning about automated testing at Lambda School. In particular, we studied unit testing or the testing of units of code using software called test runners. There are many kinds of test


Are Dating Apps Killing Romance?

Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe… This sums up dating apps today. Endless swiping leading to a few matches, then less matches you decide to have a meaningful conversation with and eventually one or two people you


Is the Merchant’s dream a mirage?

Lit, the Lightning underdog The Lit Lightning Network is one implementation of the Lightning Network that has been somewhat on the background. It is being developed by the MIT DCI and has a working implementation


The Art of “Reinventing Yourself” in an Automated World!

Why Everyone Must Master this Skill Last week, I wrote about the importance of “self-learning.” I identified six elements?—?what I call the “6Cs” of the cycle of self-learning?—?that are necessary to achieve this goal. The piece


Where will Cryptocurrency be in the next 5 — 10 years?

Cryptocurrency isn’t all just lambos and spaceship memes, there are some world changing technologies at play here. In the next 5–10 years I can see cryptocurrency being a part of our regular lives the same way


Education — A Tragedy

A poem to challenge the status quo and empower all of us The world is changingFaster than everTime is compressingAs technology speedsProgress is staggeringYet also unequalBut drive too fastAnd we forget those we pass Innovation is


How 11 Trends Indicate that AI is the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

These 11 reasons are all based on real scientific research and studies, condensed and interpreted here. AI and machine learning is relatively new, but already it’s taken the finance and crypto worlds by storm. Let’s

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