Plus Addressing in cPanel

Last year, we shared “7 Ways We’ve Improved Email Hosting on cPanel & WHM” and we looked at some cool features for email accounts. After much improvement, we felt that Plus Addressing was an interesting enough

Artificial Intelligence Driven Design Chapter II: Training AI with Design

Presenting Chapter II of the Brain food ebook AI Driven Design: Training AI with Design, written by Joël van Bodegraven, Product Designer at Adyen, in collaboration with Pedro Marques, Product, Machine Learning and Design at

Free File Uploader Scripts for Websites

ScriptsNataly Birch • April 09, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It Do you know that each second almost 1,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram? It means that when you finish reading this article,

Understanding Subresource Integrity

About The Author Drew is a director at edgeofmyseat.com, co-founder of Notist and lead developer for small content management system Perch. Prior to this, he was a Web Developer … More about Drew… Every bit

10 Best Tiling Window Managers for Linux

As the name Linux Window manager suggests, the work of window managers is to coordinate how app windows function and they automatically run in the background of your OS to manage the appearance and placement

Digging Into The Display Property: The Two Values Of Display

About The Author Rachel Andrew is not only editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, but also a web developer, writer and speaker. She is the author of a number of books, including … More about Rachel… We

A Fight Over Specialized Chips Threatens an Ethereum Split

In July 2016, Ethereum endured an early test of faith. The people behind the barely year-old blockchain had taken Bitcoin’s idea of decentralized money and run with it, building a digital landscape where users, based


Happy 14th anniversary Git: What do you love about Git?

In the 14 years since Linus Torvalds developed Git, its influence on software development practices would be hard to match—in StackOverflow’s 2018 developer survey, 87% of respondents said they use Git for version control. Clearly,

Facebook’s Ad System Might Be Hard-Coded for Discrimination

Civil rights groups, lawmakers, and journalists have long warned Facebook about discrimination on its advertising platform. But their concerns, as well as Facebook’s responses, have focused primarily on ad targeting, the way businesses choose what

The Tricky Ethics of Google’s Cloud Ambitions

Google’s attempt to wrest more cloud computing dollars from market leaders Amazon and Microsoft got a new boss late last year. Next week, Thomas Kurian is expected to lay out his vision for the business

How Google Is Cramming More Data Into Its New Atlantic Cable

Google says the fiber-optic cable it’s building across the Atlantic Ocean will be the fastest of its kind. When the cable goes live next year, the company estimates it will transmit around 250 terabits per

How We Used WebAssembly To Speed Up Our Web App By 20X (Case Study)

How We Used WebAssembly To Speed Up Our Web App By 20X (Case Study) Doom 3), to porting desktop applications to the web (e.g. Autocad and Figma). It is even used outside the browser, for

How to Find and Install Software Applications in Fedora Linux

There are countless software packages are available to install on Fedora Linux distribution from the repository provided by Fedora project. You can also enable other third-party repositories such as COPR or RPM Fusion to install

Alexa, What’s My Blood-Sugar Level?

Amazon may be known as the “everything store,” but the company’s tendrils extend far beyond ecommerce. On Thursday, Amazon said Alexa-enabled devices can now handle customers’ sensitive medical data, and it teased the release of

Privacy UX: Common Concerns And Privacy In Web Forms

About The Author Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. When he is not writing or speaking at a conference, he’s most probably running … More about Vitaly… Web interfaces

Going Serverless With Cloudflare Workers

Going Serverless With Cloudflare Workers Jekyll, Hugo or Gatsby) and convenient ways to feed data into the process (such as through one of the many git based CMS’s). The Network Is The Computer: Introducing Cloudflare


9 features developers should know about Selenium IDE

There has long been a stigma associated with using record-and-playback tools for testing rather than scripted QA automation tools like Selenium Webdriver, Cypress, and WebdriverIO. Record-and-playbook tools are perceived to suffer from many issues, including

11 Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Linux

Notepadd++ is a completely free source code editor created as a replacement for Notepad on Windows – is written based on Scintilla in C++ and implements Win32 API and STL to ensure program sizes are

Crypto for Adventurers. Part 1: Access

Most wallet applications are set up for experienced users, and leave newbies scratching their heads (if they even stick around that long). Forget convincing my parents to create a wallet?—?even I needed to wrap my

Google Will Now Require Suppliers to Give Benefits to Workers

Silicon Valley’s use of nontraditional employment arrangements, where workers typically aren’t afforded the same privileges as employees, has grown faster than full-time jobs, even as tech giants come under fire for their treatment of Uber

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