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Hear how to manage your enterprise infrastructure from Sam Pullara at TechCrunch Early Stage

In just over a decade, cloud-based platforms have completely reshaped the multi-hundred billion dollar enterprise IT market. Companies have thrown out their boxes and software-defined and microservice’d everything from the…

Heater Joins the Internet of Things with ESP32 Board

The wood-burning heater [g3gg0] has at home works perfectly, except for one flaw: the pellet reservoir needs to be manually refilled every few days. Humans being notoriously unreliable creatures, this…

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: News, rumours and the latest leaks

New reports have seemingly unveiled the name of Samsung’s next foldable – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Trusted Reviews has compiled all the latest news, rumours and information to…

Pragmata: Everything we know about the next-gen sci-fi adventure

Unveiled at Sony’s PS5 ‘Future of Gaming’ event, Pragmata is an upcoming next-gen adventure, heading to Xbox Series X as well as PlayStation 5 and PC. We don’t know much…

Amazon adds ‘hands-free’ Alexa to its Alexa mobile app

Amazon is making it easier for mobile users to access its Alexa virtual assistant while on the go. The company announced today it’s making it possible to use Alexa “hands…

New (mis)Use for Lithophanes: Miniature Diorama Backgrounds

What’s better than a well-lit photo of a 3D-printed miniature? A photo of the miniature in a mini diorama, of course. [OrionDeHunter] shows off a clever technique that has something…

Facebook and WhatsApp halts reviews of Hong Kong demands for user data

Facebook has confirmed it has suspended processing demands for user data from Hong Kong authorities following the introduction of a new Beijing-imposed national security law. A spokesperson for the social…

Microsoft confirms Xbox Games Showcase will take place later this month

Microsoft has announced its long-awaited Xbox Games Showcase, which is set to feature a number of major titles in the works for its next-generation console.  Having been rumoured a number…

Defund Facial Recognition

Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. George Floyd. Rayshard Brooks. Oluwatoyin Salau. Robert Forbes. As each story has emerged of a Black life violently ended by law enforcement, white nationalists,…

Bathymetric Map Uses Edge Lighting To Stunning Effect

A bathymetric map is one concerning the floor or bottom of a body of water. It’s the wet equivalent of a topographical map. Combine this with humanity’s inherent taste in…