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To End Student Debt, Tie Tuition to Post-Graduation Salaries

Every year, people as young as 17 accrue tens of thousands of dollars in debt in order to get an education. Students assume massive risk, with no guarantee of success. At $1.6 trillion, student debt is

Data security through the prism of business risks

The place of data safety in business viability and reflects on how to enable security in digital product — discusses by me, Igor Piatnitskyi, VP, Business Development at Nullgravity. The digital transformation gave birth to a

Now Even Funerals Are Livestreamed—and Families Are Grateful

The call came on January 2. It was early enough in the morning that Natalie Levy probably shouldn’t have been awake—she had recently left a high-stress job at a private-equity firm in San Francisco, and

How to Install CentOS 7 in a USB Drive

Have you ever fancied a portable instance of a CentOS 7 installation in your USB pen drive? You probably might not have known it, but you can easily install CentOS 7 in a USB drive

Would You Trust a Rideshare With Your Kids? This Uber Competitor is Making Rideshare Safer.

The headlines are grisly, and never seem to end. Riders get into an Uber or a Lyft and are suddenly met with violence, senseless tragedy, or predators. Stepping into a rideshare is more dangerous than

How I built a spreadsheet app with Python to make data science easier

Today I’m open sourcing “Grid studio”, a web-based spreadsheet application with full integration of the Python programming language. About a year ago I started tinkering with the idea of building the data science IDE that

The $26.5B T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Moves a Big Step Forward

The Justice Department Friday cleared T-Mobile’s long-delayed $26.5 billion merger with Sprint, a deal that critics say will reduce competition for wireless service and lead to higher prices. To win approval, the companies agreed to

Amazon’s Revolutionary Retail Strategy? Recycling Old Ideas

I sometimes think that if you could look in the safe behind Jeff Bezos’ desk, instead of the sports almanac from Back to the Future you’d find an Encyclopedia of Retail, written in maybe 1985.

How to Install Angular CLI on Linux

Angular is an open-source, popular and highly-extensible front-end application development framework, used for building mobile and web applications using TypeScript/JavaScript and other common languages. Angular is an umbrella term for all Angular versions that come

What is a DAO?

The Spring of the DAOs Since the fall of The DAO in 2016, decentralized autonomous organizations have strayed from the spotlight. However, developments and experiments in this area never stopped. In 2019, support for DAOs has been

Apple Is Buying Intel’s Modem Unit to Control Its 5G Destiny

Apple said Thursday that it will spend $1 billion to buy most of Intel’s business that makes modems for smart­phones—the crucial chips that connect devices to cell net­works and Wi-Fi. The deal gives the iPhone

Using AI, and Film, to Track Tear Gas Use Against Civilians

To train its software—and make those images—Forensic Architecture gathered about 130 photos and videos of the canisters that were visible online, from 14 countries. Training an image recognition system typically requires thousands of images, so

How to Add Swap Space on Ubuntu

One of the simplest ways of watching against out-of-memory problems in applications is to increase some swap size in your server. In this article, we will explain how to add a swap file to an

Who Scales It Best? Blockchains’ TPS Analysis

Blockchain technology continues to progress at an incredible speed. This great technology behind cryptocurrencies continues to move at the same pace. But we must regret that Bitcoin’s blocks, which dominate 60% of the market dominance,

Facebook Knows More About You Than the CIA

The titans of social media are trapped, and we’re all suffering for it. As free services, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube monetize you by keeping you engaged, so they can show you more ads. The services

How to Fix “Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo” in CentOS

One of the commonest errors CentOS users encounter when using YUM package manager (for example running yum update command), especially on a freshly installed system is the “Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base/7/x86_64”.

Teen Love for Snapchat Is Keeping Snap Afloat

When 17-year-old Emma Logan wants to make plans with her friends, she turns to Snapchat. “At this point it’s just the easiest way to contact everyone,” she wrote via text. “I use it if I’m

Why an Executive MBA Program Was Right for My Tech Career

When I first started applying to MBA programs a few people suggested I look into Executive MBAs as well, which I thought had a negative connotation to it. A bunch of C-suite execs in suits,

Best Blockchain Based Decentralized Social Media Sites

21st century -the internet age, is all about digitalization and fast movement of stuff from one point to another. Social media platforms are one of the internet sensations of the modern era of the internet.

11 Techniques and 5 Tools to Work Toward Limitless Team Productivity

Team productivity drives success to companies in all industries. The role of the team leader is to help the team achieve better results without a professional burning-out. How do you increase team productivity and keep