Last week Netapp released the latest Unified Manager and Performance manager. The latest release ties the 2 products closer than ever with the new Full Integration option (Single pane of glass), which allows you to view both Unified Manager health information and Performance Manager information within the same window.

Over the weekend I had a chance to install this in the lab and with a few days of gathering information and stats, I’m very impressed with these releases.

Below are the links to the release notes and installation guides along with some screen shots of each product

Netapp Unified Manager 6.4RC1

Unified Manager 6.4RC1 Release Notes
Unified Manager 6.4RC1 Installation and Setup Guide

Unified Manager 6.4RC1 – Adding a new cluster

Unified Manager 6.4RC1 – Main Health Dashboard

Unified Manager 6.4RC1 – Aggregate Disk View

Netapp Performance Manager 2.1RC1

Performance Manager 2.1RC1 Release Notes
Performance Manager 2.1RC1 Installation and Administration Guide

Performance Manager 2.1RC1 – Unified Manager Integration Options

Performance Manager 2.1RC1 – Performance Dashboard

Performance Manager 2.1RC1 – Cluster Details

Notice in the window below we are looking at Performance Manager within Unified Manager

Performance Manager 2.1RC1 – Volume Performance Information

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