80+ Ways to Learn to Code for Free in 2019

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If you’ve ever considered learning how to code but felt put off by the cost of coding classes, this is the roundup for you.

Because, yes, if you want to really master coding skills, you’ll eventually want to dive into a more in-depth coding class option. But to learn the basics? Uh, you can do that for free.

Learn to code FOR FREE?

Yep. And better yet: You can learn to code for free online—meaning from the comfort of your own couch.

We’ve put together a brand new list of the best ways to learn to code for free in 2019. Below you’ll find 80+ online coding classes for every learning style, commitment level, and career goal. Take your pick, and you’ll learn to code in no time.

Table of Contents

  1. General Coding Classes and Programs
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks
  6. Python
  7. Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  8. PHP
  9. WordPress
  10. Mobile App Development

The Best Online Coding Classes and Programs to Learn to Code for Free

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is an online learning platform that offers free coding classes in programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, HTML, and CSS.

Start with these free programming classes:

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Make a Website (this coding class teaches you both HTML and CSS, plus you’ll have a tangible work example at the end)

2. Udemy

Udemy bills itself as an online learning marketplace, hosting 130,000+ user-created courses on all kinds of topics (including over 2,000 coding-related classes). While some of Udemy’s offerings are paid (costing $20-$200 per course), there are plenty of free coding classes as well, including some shorter Tech 101-type courses that teach code for beginners.

Start with these free coding classes:

  • HTML and CSS Essentials
  • Learn to Program in JavaScript (From Beginner to Pro)
  • Code Your First Game in JavaScript (We thought this looked super fun.)

3. Skillcrush’s FREE Coding Camp

Skillcrush’s Free Coding Camp is our totally beginner-friendly intro to tech, techies, and kick-ass careers that you can complete in less than five minutes a day. Delivered straight to your inbox, you will learn how to code in the simplest terms possible—and even get to try writing your own code!—so you can see if learning coding is the right move for you…

Start right here.

4. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that hosts content from top universities, including over 100 coding classes. If you’re ready to learn how to code, you could do worse than start here. Coursera’s classes are free to audit.

Start with this free coding course:

  • Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (From Duke University!)

5. EdX

EdX is another university-backed online learning platform with content from schools like Harvard and MIT. Like Coursera, many of EdX’s classes are free to audit, including classes on different programming languages, as well as some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript options.

Start with these online coding classes:

  • Creative Coding (This course from NYU “will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming, using code as a method for self-expression in a variety of media, such as 2D graphics, animation, image, and video processing.”)
  • Writing Professional Code (from the people at Microsoft)
  • HTML Coding Essentials (from the coding class masters at W3C)

6. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is part of an MIT initiative to publish ALL of the educational materials from its courses online for free. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Aaaaand, that includes plenty of intro to programming and other tech and coding for beginners type classes.

Start with these coding classes if you want to get more specific: 

  • Introduction to Programming in Python
  • Introduction to C and C++ 
  • Programming for the Puzzled (this course “builds a bridge between the recreational world of algorithmic puzzles (puzzles that can be solved by algorithms) and the pragmatic world of computer programming, teaching students to program while solving puzzles.”)

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform dedicated to providing FREE online educational tools. That includes a robust selection of coding classes.

Try these free coding classes: 

  • This beginner HTML and CSS course will get you started learning to code ASAP.
  • There’s also a great intro to JavaScript course as well.

8. Web Fundamentals

Web Fundamentals is a Google project to provide free, open source, online coding lessons and tutorials to the masses.

Try these tech and coding tutorials: 

  • UX basics
  • Accessibility (essential in web development and web design)
  • Responsive web design basics

9. w3schools

w3schools is a free online learning platform dedicated to coding and web development. Of this list, this coding resource has been around maybe the longest so yes, they know exactly how to teach you to code.

Start with:

  • HTML + CSS
  • JavaScript class
  • Then go server side with the free SQL class / tutorial

10. Code.org

Code.org is a non-profit website dedicated to encouraging all people (but with a focus on school-aged students) to learn to code online. Don’t let that put you off though: we’re all coding beginners after all. (There’s a section for beyond K-12 coding lessons, too.)

Start with: 

  • Computer Science 101 from Stanford
  • JavaScript Road Trip (free for a 10-day trial)

11. Codewars

Codewars adds some quirk to the proceedings by offering free coding classes with a martial arts theme. Solving specific coding “katas” (a term for training exercises in karate) will earn you ranks and honors as you move your way to becoming a bonafide coder. Who said learning to code online couldn’t be fun? Codewars also offers one of the more diverse lists of programming languages. Choose free coding classes on:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript

Plus lots more—meaning you can decide what to prioritize when learning how to code.

12. codeconquest

codeconquest is a full-service, free learn-to-code platform offering onsite tutorials and reviews of premium coding sites. More text-heavy than some of the other resources on our list—but some people learn best by reading!

Try these free coding tutorials:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ruby
  • jQuery

13. GA Dash

GA Dash is the free arm of paid coding school General Assembly. This free course teaches the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a user-friendly and interactive way with the same level of quality as other paid GA classes. Think of it sort of like a $0 coding bootcamp. It will absolutely get you started learning to code for free.

14. Udacity

Udacity is an online coding school with a mix of free and paid classes (around 200 of their coding classes—what they call “nanodegrees”—are free).

Try these free coding classes before diving into a full course:

  • Intro to Programming (This coding class includes lessons on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python)
  • Version Control with Git Class  (This free Git class takes about four weeks to complete and Udacity says it translates easily into their React program—or, if you like a real-talk vibe, add on our React course when you sign up for our Front End Developer course!)
  • Intro to HTML and CSS (This free coding class is exactly what it sounds like—the ideal starting point for total coding beginners.)

15. Tuts+

Tuts+ is an online tutorial library featuring over 20,000 free tutorials (thousands of those dedicated to coding and tech topics).

Try these tutorials to learn how to code:

  • WordPress tutorials
  • JavaScript tutorials
  • Mobile development tutorials
  • UI design tutorials
  • CSS tutorials

16. The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a coding resource for absolute beginners that offers a free, open source curriculum. An ideal option for anyone wanting to learn coding online.

17. Bento

Bento is a site that curates free coding classes from around the web and structures them into a comprehensive curriculum.

18. BitDegree

BitDegree is an online learning platform with free and paid classes dedicated to coding skills, as well as general business, blockchain, and design classes.

19. Code Avengers

Code Avengers…ASSEMBLE! Ok, I’ll stop. But really, Code Avengers is an online platform with a mix of free coding classes and premium courses.

20. Sololearn

SoloLearn is an online and mobile learning platform with free coding classes in 13 different programming disciplines.

21. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit that advertises itself as “dedicated to teaching the world how to code for free.”

Bonus: If you’re interested in even more coding classes for absolute beginners, try our roundup here.

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HTML Courses and Tutorials

22. HTML.com

HTML.com hosts a free HTML tutorial for absolute beginners. If you’re ready to learn how to code for free, you could do worse than start with something this straightforward.

23. w3schools HTML Tutorial

w3schools offers this free HTML tutorial, which is ideal for anyone wondering how to learn coding and overwhelmed with the idea of starting. Consider this your step one.

24. Learn-HTML.org

Get your free, interactive HTML tutorial on at Learn-HTML.org.

25. HTML Dog

You ready to learn HTML, dawg? Then head over to the HTML tutorials at HTML Dog.

26. Codecademy Introduction to HTML

Codecademy has free courses on all things coding, so you’d best believe they have an intro to HTML. The ideal starting point when you’re just starting to learn how to code.

27. codeconquest Free HTML Tutorial

Conquer the most fundamental of all coding skills (HTML) with this codeconquest tutorial.

Bonus: Our Beginner’s Guide to Coding

This takeaway guide is ideal for those of us who love diving into some visual examples and helpful reading. We’ll send it straight to your inbox.

guide coding for beginners

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CSS Courses and Tutorials

If you want to learn to code online truly, really, you’re going to need to learn CSS eventually. So why not rip the BandAid off?

28. Codeconquest Free CSS Tutorial

Codeconquest returns with a tutorial to help you learn HTML’s sister language, CSS. If you want to learn coding, that includes learning how to style said code. This isn’t a bad place to start.

29. w3schools CSS Tutorial

The line of w3schools tutorials continues with this entry on CSS.

30. CSStutorial.net

CSStutorial.net is a site dedicated to walking you through CSS basics step-by-step.

31. Codecademy Learn CSS

You know Codecademy’s not going to leave you hanging with one of tech’s most fundamental coding skills, right? Here’s their free guide to CSS.

32. HTML Dog CSS Tutorials

You ready to learn CSS, dawg? Then head over to the CSS tutorials at HTML Dog (yeah, they do CSS too).

33. HTML and CSS for Beginners—Build a Website & Launch Online (Udemy)

This dual HTML/CSS class is free over at Udemy, and is a great crash course in web development basics.

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JavaScript Courses and Tutorials

34. Learn-JS.org

Learn-JS.org hosts a series of JavaScript tutorials for complete newcomers and experienced programmers alike.

35. MDN JavaScript

MDN (the people behind the Firefox web browser) host this free JavaScript tutorial section as part of their Web Docs series.

36. Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a JavaScript textbook that goes beyond the “cut and paste” forumala of some online tutorials and adds style and substance to its instruction and examples. You can read the book digitally for free.

37. JavaScript for Cats

Are you a cat lover who wants to learn how to code with JavaScript? BOOM, you’ve found your go-to free resource. JavaScript for Cats is a whimsical (but effective) JavaScript tutorial is written from a cat’s point of view.

38. Microsoft Channel 9: JavaScript Fundamentals and Development for Absolute Beginners

Microsoft’s Channel 9 is a community site that hosts video discussions, podcasts, aaaand this free course for JavaScript beginners.

39. Codecademy Introduction to JavaScript

Oh, you didn’t know? Codecademy has a free intro to JavaScript course, because…well, Codecademy!

40. w3schools JavaScript Tutorial

w3schools remains all up in the free coding tutorial mix with this JavaScript tutorial.

41. Sololearn JavaScript Tutorial

If you haven’t found a JavaScript class or tutorial that looks good to you yet, try this highly scrutured offering from Sololearn.

42. JavaScript Essentials (Udemy)

Finally, Udemy comes through in the clutch with this free JavaScript Essentials course.

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JavaScript Framework and Library Courses and Tutorials

43. Reactarmory

OK, you KNOW a site called Reactarmory is going to be serious about React, and yes, they are, walking the walk with their Learn React By Itself tutorial.

44. jQuery.com

jQuery is still a stalwart in the JavaScript world, and you can learn all about it from the tutorials at official jQuery site.

45. VueJS.org

Up your knowledge of the popular Vue framework straight from these tutorials at the VueJS.org website.

46. Scrimba Learn React for Free

Scrimba.com’s Learn React for Free course is a collection of 48 interactive screencasts dedicated to React JS.

47. Thinkster.io A Better Way to Learn Angular

Ready to dip your toe into the widely used JavaScript framework that is Angular? Run (don’t walk) to this this guide from Thinkster.io.

48. Codecademy Learn React JS

Oh, hai Codecademy! What’s that? You have a free tutorial for React JS? Aww, of COURSE you do!

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Python Courses and Tutorials

49. Learnpython.org

You want to learn Python basics for free? You go to Learnpython.org. It’s as a simple (or, I guess, BASIC) as that.

50. The Python Foundation’s Beginner’s Guide

OR you can go direct to the source! The Python Foundation’s official website hosts free tutorials tailored for both programming newcomers and Python newcomers with programming experience.

51. Python-Guide.Org Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python

Psst! Did you know Python is actually named in honor of MONTY Python? Well if you don’t know, now you know, and what better way to honor Python’s namesake than to learn from a guide named after the Monty Python-adjacent Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Python-guide.org has your Hitchiker’s Guide to Python right here!

52. Real Python Learn Python Programming By Example

Do you really want to learn Python? For real? Then check out Real Python’s example-based tutorial.

53. Google’s Python Class

I mean, when you think of tech and websites, you almost automatically think of Google, right? And here they are offering a free Python class. Probably a pretttty good place to pick up some pointers.

54. Codecademy Learn Python

Whoah, whoah, whoah…you mean to tell me that Codecademy has a Python class?? But of course they do!

55. w3schools Python Tutorial

And, never fear, if you’re more of a w3schools person, they have one too!

Bonus Python Guide

Skillcrush offers a Python course! While it’s not free, we do have some great in-depth resources to get you started including this in-depth guide on how to learn Python.

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guide coding for beginners

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Ruby and Ruby on Rails Courses and Tutorials

56. Ruby on Rails Tutorial—Learn Web Development With Rails

If you’re a book learner, you’ll appreciate this free, digital version of Ruby on Rail Tutorial—Learn Web Development With Rails by Michael Hartl.

57. Ruby Koans

Do the deepening, enigmatic nature of Zen koans appeal to you? Can you picture yourself learning to code with Ruby using the same kind of format. Well hey, check out Ruby Koans!

58. Techiferous Roadmap For Learning Rails

If you like the thought of clear roadmap for learning Rails, try this one from Techiferous.

59. Rails Girls

Rails Girls is an awesome organization of female Rails users dedicated to spreading the Rails love. And they’re doing that here with their free Rails guides.

60. learnrubyonline.org

You want to learn Ruby online? You go to learnrubyonline.org. Case closed.

61. Codecademy Learn Ruby on Rails

You could do a LOT worse than going to Codecademy for your first intro to Rails. In fact, it’s a top choice.

62. w3resource Ruby Tutorial

No, not w3schools, this is w3resource, coming out of nowhere to school you on Ruby. For free.

63. tutorialspoint.com Ruby on Rails Tutorial

What do we want? RUBY ON RAILS TUTORIALS! Where do we find them? Well, tutorialspoint.com has one right here.

64. Learn Ruby on Rails From Scratch (Udemy)

Starting with Rails from nothing? Like, literally from scratch? Try this free class from Udemy: Learn Ruby on Rails From Scratch.

Bonus Ruby on Rails Guide

Not sure what Ruby on Rails is, let alone whether it’s right for you? We wrote this handy beginner’s guide to Ruby on Rails that’s perfect for you.

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PHP Courses and Tutorials

65. learn-php.org

If you’ve gotten this far down the list, you’ve noticed that every coding language has at least one or two tutorial sites totally dedicated to learning it. PHP is no different, and learn-php.org is no joke!

66. PHPBuddy.com

When you’re learning a new skill, a support system is key. And what’s more supportive than a buddy?? In this case, a PHPBuddy!

67. developPHP.com

PHP is a developer’s friend, particularly if you are working with WordPress and WordPress plugins, so add it to your own developer toolkit by checking out the tutorials on developPHP.com.

68. PHP The Right Way

So there’s two ways you can learn PHP: the right way, or the wrong way. Um, I’m guessing you want to learn it the right way, though? Right? Then head over to PHP The Right Way for their free tutorials.

69. Killer PHP

Want to learn PHP but worried you have to be a techie or a “nerd” to do it? Then allow me to introduce you to Killer PHP! They’ve been offering free PHP lessons to “non nerds” for ten years now, making them to PHP what Guy Fieri is to restaurants.

70. Codecademy Learn PHP

Well, I guess we can move on. Nothing else to see here as far as PHP resources. Haha, kidding. Codecademy has a free PHP course.

71. w3schools PHP Tutorial

Aaand, rounding things out for PHP is w3schools (or, as we like to affectionately call them, “Good Old Trusty”) with a free PHP tutorial.

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WordPress Courses and Tutorials

72. WordPress.com Learn

Looking to level up your basic WordPress skills? You go straight to the source and get pointers from the WordPress team with these tutorials.

73. Smashing Magazine Beginner’s Guide to Creating a WordPress Website

Smashing Magazine is the home to a lot of great pointers and tutorials, their Beginner’s WordPress Guide being one of them.

74. wpbeginner.com

The wpbeginner website hosts a…wait for it…Beginner’s Guide to WordPress on their site! This guide is designed to be able to teach you WordPress basics for free in a week or less.

75. WPMU DEV Your Startup Guide to SEO: A WordPress SEO Tutorial

WordPress knowledge site WPMU DEV offers this unique WordPress guide—it’s specifically a dive into how to configure a WordPress site for SEO.

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Mobile App Development Courses and Tutorials

76. Android Documentation for App Developers

If you’re planning on developing mobile apps for Android, it’s important to get acquainted with best practices directly from Google itself. And you can do that with the Android team’s Documentation for App Developers.

77. Android Developer Training for New Programmers

Aaand, if you’re completely new to programming and you want to learn about developing Android apps, start here!

78. Apple Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)

If iPad and iPhone apps are more your jam (or you just want to learn about those, too), check out Apple’s tutorials and documentation here.

79. Apple Swift Playgrounds

Website documentation feel too dry? Then download Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app, a gamified, app-based way to learn about building iOS apps.

80. Line25 Design & Code a Cool iPhone App Website in HTML5

Want to get a third party look at what building an iOS app is all about? Try Line25’s free guide to building an iPhone application with HTML5.

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