Deleting that annoying Netapp Snapmirror Snapshot


Netapp Snapmirror Snapshot

This happened quite a lot in 7-mode but much less in c-mode, however there still might be the need to remove a snapmirror snapshot that just won’t remove via a snapmirror break or release.

Firstly the correct way to break a snapmirror and remove the snapshots on both source and destination is by typing:

VMLABSTORAGE::> snapmirror quiesce -source-path SOURCE:vol1 -destination-path VMLABSTORAGE:vol1

VMLABSTORAGE::> set -privilege admin

VMLABSTORAGE::> snapmirror break -source-path SOURCE:vol1 -destination-path VMLABSTORAGE:vol1 -delete-snapshots true

If you do forget to use the option -delete-snapshots true you can then log into the source controller and type:

SOURCE::> snapmirror list-destinations -source-path SOURCE:vol1

This will give you a list of destinations along with a relationship-ID (UUID). Once you’ve worked out the correct relationship-ID you can use the following command to delete the snapshot on the source:

SOURCE:> snapmirror release -source-path SOURCE:vol1 -relationship-ID <realtionship-id>

However, rarely you may not be able to match up a destination to the snapshot that is hanging about. Looking in the CLI or GUI will show that the snapshot is busy or snapmirror dependent. If you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that the snapshot you want to delete is not being used with any snapmirror relationship you can use the -ignore-owners command to delete it:

SOURCE::> set -privilege diag

SOURCE::*> snapshot delete -vserver VMLAB -volume vol1 -snapshot <name-of-snapshot> -ignore-owners true

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