Netapp CN1610 Intercluster Switch RCF File Upgrade

What is an RCF file ? An RCF file stands for Reference Configuration File and contains a basic certified configuration for the Netapp CN1610 intercluster switches

Currently the latest version of RCF file for Netapp CN1610 intercluster switches is 1.1, however we had 2 switches that were on version 1.0 and in need of an upgrade.

Netapp CN1610 RCF File Upgrade

The process is quiet simple:

  • download the latest RCF file from Netapp Support
  • Log into the Netapp CN1610 switch
  • show running-config CN1610_CS_RCF_v1.0_old.scr (makes a copy of the current config as a script file)
  • copy tftp://tftp-ip-address/CN1610_CS_RCF_v1.1.txt nvram:script CN1610_CS_RCF_v1.1.scr (copies the txt file to a script file on the switch)
  • script list (lists all script files on the switch)

The final step is to apply the newly uploaded script file.

At this point, take a backup of your configuration. When you apply the script configuration file, it does not blow away your current running-config file, it actually appends changes to your current config.

To apply the newly uploaded script file:

  • script apply CN1610_CS_RCF_v1.1.scr
  • write mem (save configuration)

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