When converting a system from 7-mode to Clustered Data Ontap, there are a few steps that need to be done. You can find the process in my article:

Netapp Data Ontap 7-Mode to Clustered Ontap Steps

Netapp 7-mode to c-mode bootarg.init.boot_clustered

I came across a system which was running Data Ontap 8.1.4P3 as 7-mode that had been decommissioned, there was a requirement to take this system and convert it to Clustered Data Ontap 8.2.3P6.

For a new system I enter into the boot menu – select install new data ontap image and go through the process of installing the 8.2.3P6 image. Upon rebooting the system, I then break the boot sequence so that I end up at the loader prompt. I enter all the variables to convert the system to Clustered Data Ontap as per my article above followed by the boot_ontap command. I press ctrl-c to enter into the boot menu and select maintenance mode, however when I press y to continue to boot the system, it throws up this error:

Warning: Data ONTAP has detected an attempt to switch the value of
bootarg.init.boot_clustered. Usage of this boot argument requires Technical
Support assistance. If this was an accidental change, ensure
bootarg.init.boot_clustered matches the root aggregate of the node.

So what has happened ? The system does not like that I don’t have any assigned disks to the controller.

What I had to do was boot back to the loader prompt change the environment variable bootarg.init.boot_clustered to false so that it would boot as 7-mode. Enter into the boot menu, select maintenance mode and assign disks to the controller. Once I did that, I booted back to the loader prompt, change the variable bootarg.init.boot_clustered back to true, entered back into the boot menu and selecteded option 4 Clean configuration and initialize all disks

It is always best to log a Netapp support ticket if you are not sure, unless you are 100% confident in making these types of changes and understand the consequences i.e. that all data will be destroyed upon initializing all disks

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