Mind-Blowing New AI Video Generator: Text to Video AND Image to Video with Pika Labs

Mind-Blowing New AI Video Generator: Text to Video AND Image to Video with Pika Labs

The best AI video generator just came out, and it’s free. Generate ai videos using ai text to video and image to video with Pika Labs. Prompt with text or image. It’s amazing to animate Midjourney art! Pika Labs is my favorite ai video generator over Gen 2 by Runway ML and Zeroscope (by far).

The beta is now fully open to the public: https://discord.gg/pika
Website – pika.art
Pika Lab’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/pika_labs


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â–º Level up on YouTube with VidIQ: https://vidiq.com/obscurious

🦠Twitter: https://twitter.com/ObscuriousMind


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The Dor Brothers: https://twitter.com/thedorbrothers
ScottieWick: https://twitter.com/scottiewick
WinterGardenAI: https://twitter.com/WinterGardenAI
Imposter Chick: https://twitter.com/ImposterChick
Daveranan: https://twitter.com/daveranan
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ChristianF369: https://twitter.com/ChristianF369

Nick St. Pierre: https://twitter.com/nickfloats

adamcole_studio: https://twitter.com/adamcole_studio
pharmapsychotic: https://twitter.com/pharmapsychotic

Neural Frames
mapchannels: https://twitter.com/mapchannels

Mrboofyy: https://twitter.com/Mrboofyy

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0:00 Intro
0:40 RunwayML vs. Pika
1:44 Zeroscope vs. Pika
2:17 Other Tools vs. Pika
2:33 Showcase
7:28 Getting Started
7:59 Prompting
8:38 Robot Dance Party
8:53 More Text to Video Prompting
9:47 Nature Documentary
10:31 Image Prompting
10:42 Outro