WordPress.com is the fastest WordPress host in Review Signal’s 2021 test


For the past eight years, Review Signal has published its WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks, and 2021’s results are in.

We’re happy to report that not only did WordPress.com earn Top Tier status once again, but we were proven to be the fastest WordPress host in any pricing tier.

WordPress.com … had perfect 100% uptime on both monitors, zero errors across both load tests and the fastest WP bench of any company in any price tier this year. – WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2021


The goal of the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks is to run unbiased, data driven performance tests to determine how well different WordPress specialized hosting companies could handle a lot of traffic.

Although testing WordPress hosting performance is complex and imperfect, Review Signal’s methodology is extensive, transparent, and as close to reliable as one could reasonably expect. The tests are designed to measure peak performance and consistency. Review Signal describes this process this way:

Peak performance is measured using load testing services (LoadStorm and K6) which emulate large numbers of users visiting a website and watching how well the hosting responds under these stressful conditions. Consistency is measured using uptime monitoring to make sure that the servers remain available for a longer duration of time.

Full test results can be found here.

WordPress.com is the fastest WordPress host

But WordPress.com’s hosting performance didn’t stop there. Review Signal also runs a separate WooCommerce test, and WordPress.com dominated that category as well.

WordPress.com earned Top Tier status [again this] year. Perfect uptime. The second fastest K6 average response time. A solid Load Storm test. They also absolutely showed off on the WebPageTest results taking 10/12 fastest response times. The fastest WP Bench I’ve ever seen and the second fastest PHP Bench. A definite Top Tier performance.

WordPress.com fastest WooCommerce host

In both tests, WordPress.com had “the fastest WP Bench”. In the WordPress hosting test, WordPress.com rated as “the fastest WP Bench of any company in any price tier this year“, and in the WooCommerce tests, WordPress.com nailed it with “the fastest WP Bench I’ve ever seen and the second fastest PHP Bench“.

We couldn’t be more proud of our WordPress.com Systems Engineers, including our PerfOps team, and everyone who contributes to making WordPress.com the best, fastest WordPress host in the world.

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