Web team – hack week 2023 | Ubuntu

Web team – hack week 2023 | Ubuntu

Today, around 96% of software projects utilize open source in some way.

The web team here at Canonical is passionate about Open source. We lead with an open-by-default approach and so almost everything we do and work on can be found publicly on the Canonical Github org. It is not enough to simply open our projects to the community but we also must give back by dedicating time to contribute to projects outside of Canonical. With this goal in mind, we set out to spend a week seeking projects we use or like to provide support in any way we can. 

Getting involved in open-source projects is difficult. Even with the best will in the world, it is often difficult to know how to contribute. This is due to many factors such as project culture, issue descriptions, getting things running locally, documentation, etc. 

We have a shared dream, that in future generations, contributing to open-source will be as common as playing video games. Kids will all learn how to code from a young age, and it’s down to us to find a way to make conditions welcoming in the open source communities. The future of open source is in the hands of the people who work in tech today. It’s our responsibility to shape and define future generations’ perceptions of technical culture. We would like to represent open source which is open and welcoming to all.

There is a huge opportunity to truly define how design disciplines contribute and work on open-source projects. Let’s aim to find and share practices. With the goal of finding the pain points and helping to define practices to design with open source or more importantly public. We all know that diverse points of view make all teams and projects better. A great way to attract diversity is to be open to the world of talent and different views.

This week saw a wide range of contributions to projects. Totalling 63 contributions to all kinds of open-source projects.

Come and join the team. If you would like to find out more about us please read our blog and description of the team.