A year of publishing the MDN Blog | MDN Blog

A year of publishing the MDN Blog | MDN Blog

Let’s take a look at the most popular content overall.
Here’s our most viewed articles, ordered by number of visits:

  1. New reference pages on MDN for JavaScript regular expressions
  2. Using HTML landmark roles to improve accessibility
  3. Introducing AI Help (Beta): Your Companion for Web Development
  4. Scroll progress animations in CSS
  5. Introducing the MDN Playground: Bring your code to life!

JavaScript regex tops our list, and it proves to be a tricky subject for readers to master, whether or not you’ve HADC0FFEE:

function isHexadecimal(str) { return /^[0-9A-F]+$/i.test(str); } isHexadecimal("HADC0FFEE"); 

We’re happy to note that accessibility is one of the most-read topics. Having the landmark roles article high up on our list shows that readers are interested in this area, which is a win for designing and promoting accessible web experiences.

<aside aria-labelledby="pizza-recipe-heading"> <h3 id="pizza-recipe-heading">Make your own pie!</h3> <p>Below is a list of our favorite pizza recipes.</p> <ul> <li><a href="/mushroom-pizza">The shroom</a></li> <li><a href="/smokey-joe">Smokey Joe</a></li> <li><a href="/fromage">Fromage</a></li> </ul> </aside> 

A lot has happened in the CSS domain over the last year, and our top-five list would certainly not be complete without a CSS topic.
What could be better than CSS-driven animations with inspiring examples?

.progress { height: 1rem; background: blue; transform-origin: 0 50%; animation: scaleProgress auto linear forwards; animation-timeline: scroll(root); } @keyframes scaleProgress { 0% { transform: scaleX(0); } 100% { transform: scaleX(1); } } 

It’s no surprise that JavaScript, CSS, and HTML each have a spot in the most-read posts, as these are the main technology categories that we document on MDN.
Our other two posts in the top five are announcements about new functionality shipping on the MDN platform, showing that our readers are interested in finding out what’s happening on MDN and the ways that we’re continuously improving the site.