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Learn basics of Version Control & Git Commands in less than 10 minutes.

Introduction to Version Control & Git Commands What is Version Controlling? ? “Management of multiple revisions of the same unit of information.” Version Controlling is managing changes to a source. These changes are identified by a

Office Productivity Tips: How to Setup a Desk to Create Better Focus

1. Throw distractions away from work desk I am going straight to the point here?—?Do not put your smartphone on your work desk! I learned this lesson in my previous company where I charged my smartphone

Most Productive Keyboard Shortcuts to Master in 2019

We often find ourselves switching our hands between our mouse or a trackpad and our keyboard. This becomes quite cumbersome to handle if you are a programmer like me or if you spend most of

Key To Success: Self-Discipline

Focus on Identity To put it simply, when you’re trying to change your behaviour, forget about the goal you’re trying to achieve, the external outcome, and instead focus on the change in identity you want to

3 Ways to Win the Battle Against Useless Posturing in the Office

Presenteeism is an epidemic, here’s how we can beat it. This dude strolls into work with the flu. Tissues are strewn all over his desk and you can’t stop thinking of those germs jumping into your

Outcomes, not codebases

One of the greatest challenges in setting up a Product & Engineering org to succeed is the team structure. Team structure dictates the collaboration that can be fostered, the bottlenecks that can occur and the

Personal Retrospectives for Developers

How a simple habit is helpful to become a better developer. Both on a team level and on a personal level there’s always an opportunity to improve, to do things better. The more you become

The exhaustive email management guide: tame your inbox

GwapitBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Nov 6 Ever heard of Inbox Zero? For some, it sounds like a productivity-buff unachievable dream. For others, it might sound like a joke considering the volume of emails they get daily. If you

Why this software developer teaches meditation

I was a confused teenager. Now this is a fairly common state of affairs, especially amongst the technically minded. It’s a turbulent time, what with all the hormones and the forming of our nascent identity

How to Survive a Noisy Office Environment

It is the most accepted fact after the great taste of ice-cream. Software engineers absolutely hate open plans or open offices. They are noisy and tight, distracting, nerve breaking and the last thing they do

Why Programmers Don’t Like Meetings (share this with your manager)

Photo by Mariano Colombotto Imagine you are driving at full speed on an empty highway and then oops… You are hitting an hour-long traffic jam. Your 8 hours trip becomes 9 hours. How does it

How Much Time Should You Invest In Training?

An analytical approach to training, discipline, and automation. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”– Not actually Abraham Lincoln This quote has almost

Pocket CEO Nate Weiner Explains How to Create a Top Productivity App

Like many people, I spend way too much time thumbing through news feeds and clicking on intriguing Twitter headlines. Over the years, I’ve investigated many ways of reducing how long I spend staring at my

How Not To Lie About Estimates

5 Steps To Estimating Responsibly 1. Understand the purpose When providing an estimate, there is a purpose. The purpose is to provide some information to quantify uncertainty so that a decision can be made. In the

Personal Assistant Kino Part 4 — Smart Feed

Smart Feed I wanted to automate my pattern that check new articles, put them in Pocket, read carefully and move to favorite category. This is why Smart Feed function was created. First, the RSS urls

Change the date of a git commit

One of the greatest and worst things with git is that you can rewrite the history. Here’s a sneaky way of abusing that, I can’t think of a legitimate reason to do this. As with

How to bypass Safari 12 ‘unsafe extension’ warning

We’ll use the Muz.li extension as our example for this tutorial. First, let’s download the extension. Once, it’s downloaded, you should have the following file in your download folder: Now, let’s open this weird app

9 Ways a Humble Pencil Can Silence Brain Chatter

Ever sit down to do something and suddenly your mind is off on a trail like a dog after a bunny? Which would be great if you stayed on that track, but instead: SQUIRREL!!! Then