VMware NSX-T And Skyline Authentication Issue


This week up in the clouds, I ran into an issue trying to add NSX-T into VMware Skyline.

The process is straightforward however, no matter what I did each time Skyline tried to Authenticate to NSX-T it kept producing ‘Couldn’t Authenticate. Wrong credentials’.

VMware NSX-T and Skyline

Instructions are to create a user within NSX-T with the Enterprise Admin and Auditor roles. This was confirmed using the same user account to log into NSX-T manager. Once logged in I had full admin access and was not restricted in any way.

I then proceeded to try connecting from Skyline to NSX-T with the admin account. Surprisingly this worked. Which meant the only difference was the password.

To cut a long troubleshooting story short, I found a single character within the skylineuser@vmlab.local account that Skyline did not like or was not passing it through to NSX-T correctly.

Check out this video short to find which symbol it was:

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