New CLF-C02 Certification! AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | First Look, Tips, Prepare and Save $$


On September 19, 2023, Amazon released their updated version of the Cloud Practitioner exam, CLF-C02. In this video, I’ll give you a first look based on my experience taking (and passing!) the exam:
– Overview of exam and exam guide
– What’s new, different, harder, easier (IMHO)
– Study materials
– How to register
– How to maybe get 50% off?!

??If you’re interested in taking my full Cloud Practitioner course, check it out on Zero to Mastery. It’s about 7.5 hours, and includes lots of hands-on demos, quizzes and a full practice exam. Use FRIENDS10 for a 10% discount! (As of 9/20/23, I’m still working on updating it for the CLF-C02 content, but if you register for the course now, you’ll get all the updates for free as they come out).
– AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:
– And also AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, if you’re interested:

Links to topics you’ll need to know for the exam:
-Official certification home page:
– Official exam guide:
– AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF):
– AWS Support Plans:
– AWS Well-Architected Framework:
– AWS Shared Responsibility Model:
– General design principles:
– EC2 pricing options:
– S3 storage classes/tiers:

00:00 – The new AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is here! CLF-C02
00:39 – Overview of the exam and the official exam guide
03:09 – My thoughts on the exam and how it compares to the previous version
03:56 – Understand the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
04:18 – Additional topics to study for
05:56 – Study resources, practice questions and official practice exam
06:35 – Where to get a full Cloud Practitioner exam prep course
07:46 – How to register for the Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 exam
08:26 – How to get a 50% discount voucher for the Cloud Practitioner exam

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