Netapp Motherboard Firmware Update Clustered Data Ontap 8.2.1


Netapp Motherboard Firmware Update for Clustered Data Ontap 8.2.1

If you are looking to upgrade your motherboard and bios firmware on your Netapp System, the first thing to do is to check the compatibility list and ensure the motherboard firmware is compatible with your version of Data Ontap.

You can download the firmware for your system from Netapp by following this link (you will be required to login with your Netapp account):


If you are downloading the SP firmware, an engineer told me that it is much quicker to download the firmware via the SP rather than via the Data Ontap prompt, so I always select the SP download option for SP firmware. The Data Ontap prompt method takes way longer than via the SP method.

To download the Motherboard and Bios firmware I select the Service Image (BIOS) For Use With clustered Data ONTAP 8.X

Next I will check the compatibility chart for my FAS system, Data Ontap version and Bios version to ensure it has the green tick of approval. The link for the compatibility chart is:


Next step is to download the bios firmware and following the instructions step-by-step to update the firmware.

Netapp Data Ontap Motherboard Firmware Workaround and Bug Report

In my instance I was wanting to update a bios firmware for a FAS 8040 which was running Data Ontap 8.2.1 The firmware I wanted to use was 9.3, however the requirement was that I would have to be running at least Data Ontap 8.2.1 P1.

Talking to our Netapp SAM (Support Account Manager) we were able to work around this. We could not perform a standard install but had to follow a specific procedure which didn’t differ too much from the standard installation, however it is outlined in this Netapp Bug Report article:


Before doing any type of maintenance on a Netapp system such as Data Ontap upgrade or major firmware upgrades, I usually pre-log a support ticket with Netapp in case something goes wrong and I need immediate assistance. In this case the support ticket is ready, usually an engineer would of been assigned to the ticket already and it saves a lot of time.

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