Netapp Clustered Ontap 8.2.x Cifs Create Fails


Netapp Clustered Ontap 8.2.x Cifs Create Fails

If your Netapp environment consists of 1 or more HA pairs and you attempt a cifs create, it could potentially fail warning you that there is no access to a DNS server.

This could happen especially in a multi-tenant environment where your node management lifs and data lifs (cifs lifs) are on different networks and neither are routable to your active directory servers

When you SSH to your netapp cluster manager lif you will arrive on the node that is owning the cluster manager lif, say in this case it is node1.

If I type cifs create for a particular vserver and go through the wizard, the node will attempt to use a data lif (such as a cifs lif) to establish a connection to your active directory server and dns. If there are no data lifs on this node, the wizard will then attempt to establish a connection via the node management lif. If either lif cannot establish a connection to the active directory and dns server, the cifs create will fail.

You may see the following error messages:

  • Connect to failed (Error: Operation timed out)
  • Cannot conenct to DNS server ‘’
  • Unable to connect to any of the provided DNS servers
  • FAILURE: Failed to find a domain controller

Cifs Create Pre-Requisites

  • Clustered Data Ontap requires Active Directory to create a cifs server. Unlike 7-mode where you can use local accounts.
  • Create cifs data lifs per node with the correct routes to your active directory servers

For Netapp Cluster Ontap CLI Commands see my Pocket Guide by Click Here

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