Netapp Announcements for July


Netapp Announcements for July

Here are a few of the latest Netapp Announcements:

End of Availability of DS4243 and IOM3 Shelf Parts

Netapp will be recommending DS4246, DS4486 or DS2246 shelves for the future. Netapp will continue to support the DS4243 and IOM3 shelves for a limited time.

  • End of Availability 13-Dec-2015
  • Last Shipment 13-Jan-2016
  • End of Support Hardware 31-Jan-2021

Netapp End of Availability

End of Availability of Netapp FAS/V3220 and FAS/V3250 Orderable Spares

The last date for orderable spares of the above mentioned systems is on December 11, 2015

End of Support Hardware 31-Jan-2020

Netapp End of Availability

Availability of Netapp OnCommand Unified Manager 6.3 RC 1

Release Notes

Software Download Page (Requires Netapp Login)

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