Middle Class Is Wiped Out! – Arthur Hayes’ Warning On Money, Bitcoin, War, China & Economic Collapse

Middle Class Is Wiped Out! - Arthur Hayes’ Warning On Money, Bitcoin, War, China & Economic Collapse

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From the gradual process of de-dollarization and the potential revaluation of gold, to strategies for preserving wealth and navigating the volatile seas of the cryptocurrency world, this conversation is a goldmine for anyone interested in safeguarding their financial sovereignty.

Arthur Hayes is the unflinching co-founder of BitMEX and a pivotal figure in the crypto world, known for his controversial yet insightful perspectives.

Through his studies and observations, Arthur Hayes has evolved into a thoughtful commentator on the dynamics of power in a world teetering on the brink of repeating the mistakes of its predecessors.

In today’s episode, Arthur Hayes and I go deep into Bitcoin, war, and the impending economic collapse. We touch on:
– Bitcoin and financial sovereignty
– Risks associated with centralized financial systems
– Government fiscal strategies and investor mindsets
– Decentralization and asset utilization
– Anticipating and accepting the role of volatility
– The significance of understanding market mechanisms and narratives
– The inflation and taxation vulnerabilities of conventional assets
– The role of gold and digital currencies in the future economic landscape
– Strategies for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies

Get ready as we unpack the profound connections between bitcoin and the financial equivalent of the second amendment, and why controlling your own money is more crucial than ever in the face of centralized system risks.

Chapter Markers:

[0:00] Essence of cryptocurrency
[18:51] Doubts about the financial future
[40:04] Crypto brings relief
[1:09:15] Microstrategy, ETF, and institutional buyers
[1:26:04] Fiat liquidity dynamics & money printing
[1:59:56] Bitcoin and ETH volatility
[2:25:36] Where to invest & trade

Powerful Insights From Arthur Hayes:

“For those who just want to close their eyes and buy something that’s crypto safe, not saying that there’s no risk here, I would say bitcoin and ethereum are where you should start your journey.”

“That is why if the government and the elites want to stay in sort of this financial position, the ETF is the best thing that they can do because people believe that they’ve achieved financial freedom when they actually have just handed over fees to the same people who have been fucking them for the past 80 years anyways.”

“So if you looked at the regional bank stock index, or KBW index, which is all US banks, they’re getting crushed going into late October of last year. And so what happened? The US treasury and Janet Yellen, she said, okay, I’m going to save this market. I’m going to issue a bunch of short term debt and take money out of the reverse repo program at the Fed, which is just this $2 trillion facility of cash just sitting there that’s outside of the financial system. And she offered a higher rate on short term treasury bills to entice this money out, which reflates the system, gives more credit money into the system.”

“People shouldn’t be dying the way they’re dying based on the shitty food that we eat and the over prescribed medicines. And that’s why people need, oh, I need to have this health care because everybody gets sick. Why does everyone get sick? Because we eat fucking processed food and all this dog shit that’s put out to us as healthy is a reason why everybody spends the majority of their money in the last two years of their life dying of horrible cancers and heart disease and all this kind of shit, right? We’re poisoning ourselves every single day with these fucked up food chains.”

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