Interop 2023: MDN updates | MDN Blog

Interop 2023: MDN updates | MDN Blog

The Interop project is a benchmark and test suite that tracks the interoperability of web features across different browsers.
However, Interop is more than tests; it is a joint initiative among browser vendors to identify important features that would benefit from consistency across browsers and drive development toward them over a calendar year.

Over the last three years, developers have worked together to increase overall Interop benchmark scores.
Like previous years, the Interop 2024 dashboard shows the features that browser vendors have agreed to work on collectively and the progress in web feature compatibility scores across different browsers.

The main goal of this initiative is to ensure developers can create seamless web experiences for everyone, regardless of their browser choice.
When developers can build upon a consistent web platform, everyone who uses the web benefits from it in their daily online activities.

A key benefit of the web platform is that it’s defined by standards, rather than by the code of a single implementation.
This creates a shared platform that isn’t tied to specific hardware, a company, or a business model. – Interop 2022 announcement, Mozilla Hacks

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