Is DevOps right for you? 13 points to consider

Answering the question if DevOps profession is right for you and generally what it takes to be a DevOps engineer
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You all know that DevOps is already very popular and highly demanded. You see organizations adopting it worldwide and it seems like a great career choice with lots of job opportunities, high salary and generally a very rewarding work.

But maybe DevOps is not for everyone. It takes a specific type of person to be interested in DevOps, so the question is: “Is DevOps profession right for you?” And in order to answer this question in this video I will explain:
– what are the qualities and characteristics you should have if you want to get into DevOps,
– what kind of thinking and approach is required in DevOps
– which soft skills as well as technical skills you need to have
– and finally what are some challenges of being a DevOps engineer.
– And if at the end of the video you do find out and decide that DevOps is indeed for you, I will also show what next steps you can take to get into DevOps.

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?????? T I M E S T A M P S ? ??????
00:00 – Intro and Overview
00:55 – Generalist instead of Specialist
01:48 – Analytical and Strategic Thinking
02:43 – High Level Thinking
03:55 – Problem Solving and Solution Oriented
05:29 – Creative and Innovative
06:35 – Persuasive
07:17 – Communication Skills and Team Player
11:35 – Detail Thinking
13:09 – Sharing knowledge in an organized way
14:41 – Enjoy dynamic and diverse work
15:37 – Enjoy optimizing and improving
16:02 – Challenges
18:03 – External Factors

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