Amazon Q – Build on AWS like a Pro using Amazon’s new AI coding assistant

Amazon Q - Build on AWS like a Pro using Amazon's new AI coding assistant

Amazon released its new AI coding assistant – Trained on 17 years of AWS knowledge, it may be your ultimate AWS expert that can accelerate building on AWS cloud ?

AI coding assistants are becoming better and better and probably soon will be a required skill in an engineer’s skillset. Check out the video to see whether Amazon Q can be THE AI coding assistant for working with AWS cloud.

I’m using Terraform project for provisioning AWS infrastructure to show some of the demo use cases and various features of Amazon Q.

?????? Partnered with Amazon on this video as an AWS Container Hero! ? ??????
? Official Amazon Q Docs: https://aws.amazon.com/q/developer/

Some Amazon Q features I’ll talk about:
? Application Understanding
? Code Creation
? Improving your code
? Debugging and Troubleshooting
? Feature Development

? Code Suggestions, Chat with Amazon Q in IDE
? Chat with Amazon Q in AWS Management Console

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?????? T I M E S T A M P S ? ??????
00:00 – Intro and Overview
00:52 – What makes a great AI Coding Assistant?
03:03 – Amazon Q Capabilities – what tasks it can help us with
07:12 – See Amazon Q in Action
07:38 – Set up Amazon Q in VSC
09:43 – Chat with Amazon Q
14:03 – Inline Code Suggestions
16:48 – Ask how to improve our EKS cluster
18:56 – References to Sources
25:04 – Using Amazon Q in AWS Management Console

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