How to Get Unlimited AWS Job Interview/Certification Practice Questions with the Help of ChatGPT

How to Get Unlimited AWS Job Interview/Certification Practice Questions with the Help of ChatGPT

When you’re interviewing for an AWS role (or, for that matter, studying for a certification exam), it can be really helpful to prepare with practice questions. There are lots of online resources out there, but in this video, I’ll show you how to get unlimited practice questions, while also gamifying things and having a little bit of fun.

In this hands-on tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a game in ChatGPT to give you AWS role-specific questions, adjusting the level of difficulty for your needs. We’ll also see how to get explanations for the questions so that you can check your understanding.

??Here’s the prompt if you want to copy it:
Create a text game with AWS interview questions that would apply to entry-level AWS roles. My score is 0. Ask multiple-choice questions and then wait for my answer. Make the questions moderately difficult. When I answer a question correctly, add 5 points to my score and then ask a new question.

Good luck with the interview! ?

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00:00 – How to get unlimited AWS job interview questions
00:18 – Using ChatGPT to generate AWS job interview questions
00:31 – The ChatGPT prompt to use to generate AWS job interview questions
01:14 – Getting answers to AWS job interview questions
01:39 – How to use ChatGPT to generate practice questions for AWS certifications
01:51 – How to get more real-world, scenario-based AWS job interview questions
02:30 – Getting explanations to answers for AWS job interview questions
03:09 – IMPORTANT!! ChatGPT can and does get things wrong!

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