How To Add The Official LinkedIn Share Button To WordPress Blogs


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LinkedIn have joined Facebook and Twitter in releasing an “official” share button. Note that this doesn’t really represent groundbreaking functionality – many social bookmarking plugins allow you to share posts to LinkedIn. But this official version does come with the option of a ‘share’ count, for that all-important ‘social proof’, and 3 clean button designs. I’m sure plugins will pop up momentarily to enable adding the button to your WordPress site, but if you’re feeling geeky and want to add it right away, here’s how.

There are three versions of the button:

add official linked in share button to wordpress site

In order to add the button to your site, you will have to edit your theme files slightly.  So let’s say you want to add it to your Single Posts, you would open up single.php and add one of the following sets of code inside the Loop.

Vertical Count Button

Horizontal Count Button

No Count Button

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Watch the video demonstrating how to do this

*header image courtesy LinkedIn

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