How to Add a Math Equation in Google Slides


Learn how to add math equations in Google Slides in this step-by-step video tutorial with Chamira Young.
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If you’re a teacher, designer, or engineer and need to demonstrate how you arrived at a solution for a math concept, it’s time to learn how to insert equations in Google Slides. When presentations feature equations that help illustrate math concepts in a stylish way, Google Slides equations can really help keep your audience’s attention.

In this video, we’ll first walk through the steps of how to write math equations in Google Slides. In order to make it as eye-catching as possible, we’ll be using a stylish template from Envato Elements. Templates from Envato Elements can really help your presentation stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve downloaded your template, we’ll go ahead and begin writing our equation using the Special Characters menu.

After we learn how to write equations in Google Slides, we’ll then add some style to our equation using the Font Group options in the menu bar. You can format it like any other text. It’s important to make sure your equation is stylish so that you don’t lose your audience’s attention.

When we’re finished, you’ll have a working knowledge of how to insert equations in Google Slides, as well as how to add style to your equations.

As you’ll see, inserting Google Slides equations is easy. When you learn how to write math equations in Google Slides, you can bring your analytical presentations up to the next level.

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0:00 Introduction
0:46 Write Equations in Google Slides
2:35 Arrange and Style Equations in Google Slides
3:32 Conclusion

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