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Podcast 292: [Public Sector Special Series #3] – Moving to Microservices from an Organisational Standpoint | January 23, 2019

Jeff Olson (VP & Chief Data Officer at College Board) talks about his experiences in fostering change from an organisational standpoint whilst moving to a microservices architecture. Additional Resources College Board About the AWS Podcast The AWS Podcast is a cloud platform podcast for developers, dev ops, and cloud professionals seeking the latest news and […]

7 Not-So-Obvious Hacks to Save Time During Your Job Search

Search smarter, not harder, for your next job.

Podcast 291 | January 2019 Update Show

Simon takes you through a nice mix of updates and new things to take advantage of – even a price drop! Chapters: Service Level Agreements 00:19 Price Reduction 1:15 Databases 2:09 Service Region Expansion 3:52 Analytics 5:23 Machine Learning 7:13 Compute 7:55 IoT 9:37 Management 10:43 Mobile 11:33 Desktop 12:30 Certification 13:11 Additional Resources Topic […]

50+ Free Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs

Level up your digital marketing game for FREE with these 50+ tools.

7 Tech Companies That Are Making Women’s Lives Better

These companies are leading the way in gender parity.

AWS Backup – Automate and Centrally Manage Your Backups

AWS gives you the power to easily and dynamically create file systems, block storage volumes, relational databases, NoSQL databases, and other resources that store precious data. You can create them on a moment’s notice as the need arises, giving you access to as much storage as you need and opening the door to large-scale cloud […]

#290: [Public Sector Special Series #2] – Using AWS to Power Research with the University of Liverpool and Alces Flight

Cliff Addison (University of Liverpool) joins with Will Mayers and Cristin Merritt (Alces Flight) to talk about High Performance Computing in the cloud and meeting the needs of researchers. Additional Resources University of Liverpool Alces Flights About the AWS Podcast The AWS Podcast is a cloud platform podcast for developers, dev ops, and cloud professionals […]

Behind the Scenes & Under the Carpet – The CenturyLink Network that Powered AWS re:Invent 2018

If you are a long-time reader, you may have already figured out that I am fascinated by the behind-the-scenes and beneath-the-streets activities that enable and power so much of our modern world. For example, late last year I told you how The AWS Cloud Goes Underground at re:Invent and shared some information about the communication […]

Tech 101: What is SEO?

Let me Google that for you.

Podcast #289: A Look at Amazon FSx For Windows File Server

In this episode, Simon speaks with Andrew Crudge (Senior Product Manager, FSx) about this newly released service, capabilities available to customers and how to make the best use of it in your environment. Additional Resources FSx for Windows File Server FSx Getting Started FSx Features FSx Pricing FSx FAQs FSx for Windows Tech Talk FSx […]

Salary Series: How Much Does a Web Designer Make?

How much do web designers really make?

5 Skills You Can Learn in the Next 7 Days

A week of small steps can lead to big changes.

New – Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB Compatibility): Fast, Scalable, and Highly Available

A glance at the AWS Databases page will show you that we offer an incredibly wide variety of databases, each one purpose-built to address a particular need! In order to help you build the coolest and most powerful applications, you can mix and match relational, key-value, in-memory, graph, time series, and ledger databases. Introducing Today […]

How to Make a Career Pivot: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide

We’re breaking down the art of the career pivot.

Western Digital HDD Simulation at Cloud Scale – 2.5 Million HPC Tasks, 40K EC2 Spot Instances

Earlier this month my colleague Bala Thekkedath published a story about Extreme Scale HPC and talked about how AWS customer Western Digital built a cloud-scale HPC cluster on AWS and used it to simulate crucial elements of upcoming head designs for their next-generation hard disk drives (HDD). The simulation described in the story encompassed a […]

20 Entry-Level Tech Jobs Hiring NOW

Lack of on-the-job experience got you down? Check out these junior and entry-level positions hiring RIGHT NOW!

Learn about AWS Services & Solutions – January AWS Online Tech Talks

Happy New Year! Join us this January to learn about AWS services and solutions. The AWS Online Tech Talks are live, online presentations that cover a broad range of topics at varying technical levels. These tech talks, led by AWS solutions architects and engineers, feature technical deep dives, live demonstrations, customer examples, and Q&A with […]

The Psychology Behind Your Fear of Change

Is fear of change paralyzing your career? Don’t panic! We’re here to help.

Welcome to Making Moves Week

Join us for a week of articles focused on changing WHERE you are, instead of WHO you are.

Starting a Career in Web Design: Nearly Everything You Need to Know

This no-holds-barred guide will show you exactly how to start a lucrative (and creative!) career as a web designer.