Unveiling a Revolutionary Find: Unearthed Traces of Earth’s Ancient Crust in Proximity to Perth

Unveiling a Revolutionary Find: Unearthed Traces of Earth's Ancient Crust in Proximity to Perth

A recent study has revealed evidence of ancient rocks in Western Australia that are similar in age to the oldest rocks on Earth. These rocks, found near Collie, south of Perth, suggest that the ancient rocks of Western Australia cover a larger area than previously thought. The ancient crust of Australia is important for understanding the early Earth and how continental crust formed and evolved. It provides the foundation for landmasses, supports ecosystems, and contains valuable mineral resources. However, studying the ancient crust is challenging as most of it is buried or modified by its environment. Scientists often rely on indirect methods to study it. In this study, researchers examined zircon grains from a dyke, a structure that stretches from the upper crust to the mantle, to uncover evidence of ancient buried rock. By dating the zircon crystals, they found that they date back 3.44 billion years. The zircons were protected by titanite, a more stable mineral, which allowed them to survive intact and provide insight into Earth’s early history. The study extends the known area of ancient crust in Western Australia and has implications for mapping mining potential in the region. Understanding the deep crust helps us understand the history of our planet and the length of time certain minerals have been around.