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Should You Add WordPress Maintenance To Your Service Offering?

(This is a sponsored article.) One of the common problems with trying to scale up when working as a solo web designer or a bootstrapping agency is that you’re limited by time. How much time it takes to:
Onboard new clients; Build websites; Put out fires; Do all the other stuff that keeps your business running. That’s not to say you can’t make good money in web design. It’s just that your time is worth money and if you’re maxed out on time, that’s it.

Animating Apps With Flutter

Apps for any platform are praised when they are intuitive, good-looking, and provide pleasant feedback to user interactions. Animation is one of the ways to do just that.
Flutter, a cross-platform framework, has matured in the past two years to include web and desktop support. It has garnered a reputation that apps developed with it are smooth and good-looking. With its rich animation support, declarative way of writing UI, “Hot Reload,” and other features, it is now a complete cross-platform framework.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Social Proof?

A sample wireframe of a home page with too much social proof. (Source: Canva) (Large preview) In reviewing the wireframe, I had a number of gripes. For starters, it was way too long, especially for

15 Questions To Ask Your Next Potential Employer

15 Questions To Ask Your Next Potential Employer Your best chance of doing a good job is to avoid a bad position. “ Sadly, I lacked a great answer at the time to the question

How AI Is Helping Solve Climate Change

The same can be done with AI. Why do humans only have to use this powerful invention to solve business-related issues? Why can’t we think a little more like Duchamp and use this ‘all-powerful’ technology

My Design Process Of The Cover Design For Smashing Magazine Print Issue #1

My Design Process Of The Cover Design For Smashing Magazine Print Issue #1 Smashing Magazine, a magazine for web designers and developers. The design I created back then for the cover and inside template layout,

A Pain-Free Workflow For Issue Reporting And Resolution

A Pain-Free Workflow For Issue Reporting And Resolution Assign Someone To Triage Use An Issue Resolution Workflow Give Your Users A Bug Reporting Tool Give Your Triage Manager A Tracking Platform Work In A Local

Monthly Web Development Update 9/2019: Embracing Basic And Why Simple Is Hard

Monthly Web Development Update 9/2019: Embracing Basic And Why Simple Is Hard Watch out for a new roundup post format next month here on Smashing Magazine. A big thank-you to Anselm for sharing his

Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch

In this fourth instalment of Inspired Design Decisions, Andy Clarke will teach you about Alexey Brodovitch, one of the most influential art directors of the twentieth century. Andy will teach you about Brodovitch’s iconic work

Overflow And Data Loss In CSS

About The Author Rachel Andrew is not only Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine, but also a web developer, writer and speaker. She is the author of a number of books, including … More about

Automating Website Deployments Through Buddy

About The Author Leonardo Losoviz is the creator of the API + component-model for PHP + framework for building sites called PoP. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More about Leonardo Leonardo … The typical

Blissful Thoughts And Embracing Change (September 2019 Wallpapers Edition)

Let’s welcome September with a fresh desktop wallpaper. Designed by artists and designers from across the globe and available with and without a calendar. Lush green slowly turning into yellows, reds, and browns in the

VuePress: Documentation Made Easy

About The Author Ben Hong is a psychologist, developer and educator hybrid whose origin story harkens back to the days when he would build cheesy websites like his “Fortune … More about Ben Hong …

Bottom Navigation Pattern On Mobile Web Pages: A Better Alternative?

About The Author Arthur is a UX/UI designer at NFQ that also codes a bit of front-end. He is a firm believer that merging design and technology can solve even the most difficult … More

Figma Tips To Kick-Start Your Design Workflow

In this article, let’s take a closer look at what Figma really has to offer. Here are 20 tips on how to work faster and better with this well-known and collaborative interface design tool. I

Creating A Shopping Cart With HTML5 Web Storage

This tutorial will show you how to harness the power of HTML5 web storage by creating a shopping cart step-by-step. What you learn from this tutorial can easily be applied to other site features that

Faster Image Loading With Embedded Image Previews

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Testing Made Easier Via Framework Minimalism And Software Architecture

About The Author Ryan M. Kay is a self-taught mobile Java, Kotlin, and Android developer with a passion for applied software architecture, test driven development, and writing … More about Ryan Kay … As with

Bringing A Better Design Process To Your Organization

About The Author Eric is the founder of UI UX Training where he leads workshops focused on UX research, design facilitation, and UX copywriting. He has spent the past 18 years … More about Eric …

How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 1)

About The Author PhD in artificial intelligence at UC Berkeley, with a focus on small neural networks in perception, for autonomous vehicles. Big fan of cheesecake, corgis, and … More about Alvin Wan … Virtual