Connecteam Review 2024 | TechnologyAdvice

Connecteam Review 2024 | TechnologyAdvice

Connecteam is a workforce management app that blurs the line between employee engagement and employee experience capabilities. Unlike the other platforms on this list, Connecteam lacks modern intranet capabilities. However, it makes up for this with its robust options for collaboration among distributed teams.

With three “hubs” to choose from, you can craft an experience platform that satisfies your organization’s operations, communication, and HR needs. For example, managers can create schedules and assign tasks to employees in the operations hub, chat with their team in the communication hub, and take leadership courses through the HR hub.

Key Features

Connecteam stands out on our shortlist because it offers course creation features for companies wanting to build out their training programs.

Connecteam offers an internal mobile chat application where employees can find and direct message other employees without sharing their phone numbers. When new employees start or others leave, the application automatically updates. As a result, employees always connect with the right people in various roles, departments, or locations.

  • HR features: Time clock, paid time off (PTO) management, training, company directory, and onboarding modules for companies needing basic human resources information system (HRIS) functions.
  • Task management: Connecteam allows you to create tasks, including recurring or subtasks, and assign them to yourself or others.
  • Employee surveying: Gather and analyze employee feedback directly to understand and improve employee experience.
  • Small business forever plan: Businesses with 10 or fewer employees have access to all of Connecteam’s features for free.

Why Choose Connecteam

Connecteam is a much more affordable option than others on our shortlist for centralizing employee communications and experiences across distributed teams. In particular, it encourages collaboration by allowing team members to:

  • Instant message coworkers securely.
  • Add comments, updates, or reactions to documents or company announcements.
  • Use @-mentions to rope in necessary stakeholders on projects when required.
  • Access tasks, knowledge, and guidelines from a centralized database.

If finding a way for employees to work together effectively from various locales is a major pain point, Connecteam may be your best bet.

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