CIA Spy On WW3, Jeffrey Epstein, Israel-Hamas, AI & Social Media Brainwashing | Andrew Bustamante

CIA Spy On WW3, Jeffrey Epstein, Israel-Hamas, AI & Social Media Brainwashing | Andrew Bustamante

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We’re delving deep into the unsettling realities of our chaotic world with former CIA spy, Andrew Bustamante. As we face an increasingly complex and confusing era, understanding the tactics and strategies used to manipulate public opinion has never been more crucial.

In this episode, we examine the distressing prospect of America turning against itself and the increasing potential for war. Andrew shares his ideas on how external attacks on our system could ironically unify us, but also how these threats are being weaponized to destabilize America. We look at the concept of World War 3 and it not being fought on traditional battlefields, but through proxy wars and influence campaigns that target our resources, dominance, and global standing.

It’s near impossible that you are not impacted on various levels by the role of the internet in accelerating the velocity of information. We’re in a time where enabling psychological manipulation on an unprecedented scale is happening right now as we speak.

How will you protect yourself? Will you learn how to think through novel problems and utilize opposing narratives against each other to discover the truth?

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn how to anchor yourself, make clear-headed decisions, and avoid the trap of emotional decision-making. In listening to both sides of the political spectrum and finding common ground, we can cut through the ‘fog of war’ and discern truth from noise.

Andrew Bustamante delivers invaluable insights from his time as a CIA spy, offering a unique perspective on the truth about Jeffrey Epstein, conspiracy theories, porn and sexpionage that will shock you!

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Powerful Insights From Andrew Bustamante:
“At our core we are a fighting culture. It’s one of our biggest flaws and it’s one of our biggest strengths.”

“The way that you defeat extremism is by taking out the first step in the ladder.”

“When most people reference World War 3 happening, what they’re actually talking about is a nuclear war similar to how World War 2 ended. Wars evolve like people evolve, and if you’ve seen the evolution of technology you can imagine how much more advance World War 3 would be than World War 2…”

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