Build a Resume/CV on AWS, Step-by-Step Tutorial | AWS Projects to Help You Get Hired

Build a Resume/CV on AWS, Step-by-Step Tutorial | AWS Projects to Help You Get Hired

People often ask me what AWS projects they can build to put on their resume/CV, and how to showcase their AWS skills to potential employers. Well, how about actually building the resume itself on AWS? That’s what we’ll do in this video!

In a hands-on tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to build a simple resume/CV that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript (with a little help from ChatGPT). Then we’ll upload the files to an S3 bucket that we configure for static website hosting, with public access. From there, we’ll move to Route 53 so we can use a custom domain on our resume (and if you have a domain from an external provider like GoDaddy or NameCheap, I’ll show you how to get started with that). Finally, we’ll set up an SSL/TLS certificate with AWS Certificate Manager, and then create a CloudFront distribution (that points to S3) where we can apply the certificate.

In the end, you’ll have a fully-working online resume that you can share with friends, family and potential employers.

?Here’s all the code and resources you’ll need:
• HTML, CSS and JavaScript files (3 total, in a zip file) that you can use as a starting point:
• S3 bucket policy to allow public read access to your files:
• LinkedIn article if you need help using a domain name from an external provider like GoDaddy:

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• Route 53 and DNS addressing basics:
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– AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:
– AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate:

00:00 – A sneak peek at the resume we’ll be building on AWS
00:46 – Why you should watch this and build out your own resume
01:21 – Overview of what we’re building and the services we’ll use
03:00 – How much will this cost?
04:48 – Creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript files—with the help of ChatGPT
06:55 – How to use the code that I provide
07:34 – Creating an S3 bucket
07:56 – Choosing a name for the S3 bucket that will work with Route 53
09:09 – Configuring the S3 bucket for static website hosting
09:52 – Creating a bucket policy to allow public read access in the S3 bucket
10:46 – Uploading resume code files to the S3 bucket
11:24 – Testing things out with the S3 bucket website endpoint
12:09 – Registering a domain name with Route 53
13:26 – How to work with domains from external providers, like GoDaddy or NameCheap
15:15 – Creating an A Record in Route 53 to point to an S3 bucket website
16:36 – Viewing the status of DNS propagation in Route 53
17:33 – Requesting a public SSL/TLS certificate in AWS Certificate Manager
19:17 – How to do DNS validation for a public SSL/TLS certificate in AWS Certificate Manager
21:14 – Using an SSL/TLS certificate for a website in AWS
21:32 – Creating a CloudFront distribution to point to our static website in S3
23:42 – Launching the CloudFront distribution domain name
24:46 – Updating the A Record in Route 53 to point to the CloudFront distribution
26:01 – Reviewing the final masterpiece of what we built—nice work!
26:28 – IMPORTANT!! Delete your resources (I’ll show you how)