Basics of Amazon CloudWatch and CloudWatch Metrics | AWS Tutorials for Beginners

Basics of Amazon CloudWatch and CloudWatch Metrics | AWS Tutorials for Beginners

Amazon CloudWatch is the ultimate tool for monitoring and managing your resources in AWS. From metrics to logs, alarms to dashboards, there are lots of ways to collect and view data about your environment.

In this short video, I’ll provide an overview of CloudWatch, how metrics work (including basic vs. detailed monitoring, and standard vs. high resolution). Then we dive into the AWS Console for a tour of some EC2 metrics.

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00:00 – Why Amazon CloudWatch?
00:53 – Core capabilities of CloudWatch
01:41 – Introducing CloudWatch metrics (stored in namespaces)
02:25 – Example metric for CPUUtilization of an EC2 instance
02:45 – Basic vs. detailed monitoring in CloudWatch (1 minute vs. 5 minute)
03:28 – Metric resolution in CloudWatch (standard vs. high resolution)
04:03 –Examples: Using basic and detailed monitoring combined with standard and high resolution
05:10 – Viewing CloudWatch metrics in the AWS Console, and for a specific region
05:47 – Working with EC2 Per-Instance Metrics (CPUUtilization, NetworkIn, NetworkOut)
06:59 – Working with CloudWatch charts, time ranges, zooming in and out
08:13 – Basic and detailed monitoring and metric resolution in the Console
09:06 – Changing CloudWatch chart types and other available actions
09:35 – Viewing CloudWatch metrics from an EC2 instance
10:16 – Enabling detailed monitoring from EC2 (for publishing data every 1 minute)

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