AWS Project – Build a Game with a Continuous Deployment Pipeline from GitHub to S3 | AWS Tutorial

AWS Project - Build a Game with a Continuous Deployment Pipeline from GitHub to S3 | AWS Tutorial

AWS CodePipeline automates building, testing and deploying your projects. Just choose where your code lives, say where you want it to be deployed to, and—MAGIC!—CodePipeline makes it happen.

In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll build a simple memory card game (using memes, no less!) using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The code will live in GitHub (you can fork the repo provided). We’ll then create and configure an S3 bucket for static website hosting. And from there, we’ll create a CodePipeline that pulls from GitHub and deploys to the S3 bucket.
At the end, I’ll walk you through how to delete the resources (which should all be eligible for the Free Tier).

• GitHub repository (fork this to your own repo): https://github.com/tinytechnicaltutorials/codepipeline-s3-game
• S3 bucket policy to allow public read access to your files: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y9Vjom6lbdKdfbw672FWGJ0WVO8gbemFUMsE72LqDac/edit?usp=sharing

• An end-to-end application to do simple math: https://youtu.be/7m_q1ldzw0U
• A full web application for ride sharing with unicorns (Wild Rydes): https://youtu.be/zuKu0VFiwas
• Build your online resume on AWS: https://youtu.be/NiCZSdWucZE

If you’re interested in getting AWS certifications, check out these full courses. They include lots of hands-on demos, quizzes and full practice exams. Use FRIENDS10 for a 10% discount!
• AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: https://academy.zerotomastery.io/a/aff_n20ghyn4/external?affcode=441520_lm7gzk-d
• AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate: https://academy.zerotomastery.io/a/aff_464yrtnn/external?affcode=441520_lm7gzk-d

00:00 – A preview of the completed game – a meme matching memory card game!
00:30 – Reviewing the code files – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images
01:15 – A high-level look at the pipeline we’re building
02:10 – How much will this cost me?
02:40 – Forking the GitHub repository to get the game code
03:18 – Creating and configuring an S3 bucket for static website hosting
06:10 – Creating a new pipeline in AWS CodePipeline
07:12 – Connecting to GitHub from CodePipeline
10:13 – Monitoring the progress of the source and deploy stages of CodePipeline
10:30 – Testing that the static website is working on S3
11:16 – Committing a code change in GitHub and triggering CodePipeline
13:00 – IMPORTANT!! Delete your resources!
14:25 – Check out there other hands-on AWS projects for more practice!

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