Amazon/AWS EC2 Pricing Simply Explained | On-Demand, Spot, Reserved, Savings Plans

Amazon/AWS EC2 Pricing Simply Explained | On-Demand, Spot, Reserved, Savings Plans

When it comes to pricing for Amazon EC2 instances (virtual machines), there’s no shortage of options. In this video, I break down the details and do a side-by-side comparison of On-Demand, Spot, Reserved Instances and Savings Plans (EC2, Compute and SageMaker).

After reviewing the theory together, I’ll take you out to the AWS Console for a hands-on demo on how to get started with each.

? TIP: If you’re working on an AWS certification like Certified Cloud Practitioner or Certified Solutions Architect Associate, then you definitely want to understand the pricing details covered in this video.

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00:00 – Amazon EC2 pricing can be complicated
00:24 – Pricing for AWS on-demand EC2 instances
00: 49 – Pricing for AWS Spot instances
01: 36 – Pricing for AWS Reserved instances
02: 20 – Pricing for AWS Savings Plans
02:47 – Comparison of AWS Reserved Instances vs. Savings Plans
03:57 – Comparison of AWS Savings Plans – EC2 vs. Compute vs. SageMaker
04:42 – Creating an EC2 Spot Instance in the AWS Console
07:15 – Creating an EC2 Reserved Instance in the AWS Console
08:08 – Working with AWS Savings Plans (EC2, Compute and SageMaker)

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