you STILL need a website RIGHT NOW!! (yes, even in 2024)

you STILL need a website RIGHT NOW!! (yes, even in 2024)

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Discover how easy it is to create your own website in 2024 with NetworkChuck! In this video, Chuck guides you through the process of building a website from scratch using free tools like GitHub Pages. He also explores the power of AI-driven website builders like Hostinger that allow you to create stunning, professional sites in minutes without any coding knowledge. Learn why having your own website is crucial for learning, sharing your unique perspective, enhancing job prospects, and opening up new opportunities. Join NetworkChuck on this informative journey into the world of web development and take control of your online presence today!

– **00:00** – The Shocking Truth: 81% Don’t Have Websites
– **00:05** – Quick Website Creation Challenge Begins
– **01:06** – Introducing AI to Simplify Web Design
– **01:38** – Debunking Myths: You Can Build a Website with AI
– **02:06** – Starting Simple: Your First Text-Based Website
– **02:52** – Getting Your Website Online: A Step-by-Step Guide
– **04:06** – Free Web Hosting on GitHub: How to Set It Up
– **05:45** – Upgrading Your URL: Custom Domain Names Explained
– **06:40** – Exclusive Deal Alert: Hostinger’s Web Hosting Services
– **09:53** – From Simple to Fancy: AI-Powered Website Building
– **12:33** – Why You Absolutely Need a Website Today
– **16:03** – Debunking the “I Have Social Media, I Don’t Need a Website” Myth
– **18:28** – The Big Reveal: AI-Built Websites by NetworkChuck’s Daughters

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1. How to create a website for free in 2024
2. Building a website with GitHub Pages tutorial
3. AI-powered website builders for beginners
4. Hostinger AI website creator review
5. Why you need a personal website in 2024
6. Best free website hosting options
7. NetworkChuck’s guide to web development
8. Learn faster by teaching through your website
9. Showcase your skills with a personal site
10. Boost your job prospects with a website
11. Alternatives to traditional resumes in 2024
12. Take control of your online presence
13. Website vs social media for personal branding
14. Future-proof your content with a website
15. Avoid algorithm dependence on social platforms
16. Buying a custom domain name for your site
17. Pointing your domain to GitHub Pages
18. Serendipity vehicle: unexpected opportunities
19. Website as your home base on the internet
20. Using AI to generate website content
21. WordPress vs AI website builders
22. Hostinger discount for NetworkChuck viewers
23. Creating a family website on a budget
24. Website ideas for tech professionals

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