Whats New Veeam Backup Availability Suite v9 VeeamOn 2015


Veeam Backup Availability Suite v9

Veeam Backup and Replication

  • Scale-Out Backup Repositories – You now have the ability to group multiple backup repositories into a single large Scale-Out repository. This also offers you the option to add additional extents to current Scale-Out Backup Repositories. Very useful for when your repository is running low on space and you don’t wish to relocate all the backup chains to a new backup repository
    • http://www.veeam.com/blog/introducing-scale-out-backup-repository-coming-in-availability-suite-v9.html
  • Per-VM Backup Chains – A new chain is created for each VM as opposed to containing all virtual machine backups within one large file.
  • Mount Server – The mount server is used to mount and restore files from a backup repository without the need to involve the copy process from a Veeam Backup and Replication Server. Extremely useful for a remote office scenario, saving additional WAN bandwidth.
    • http://www.veeam.com/blog/v9-robo-and-tape-backup-enterprise-enhancements.html
  • Zero Out Dirty Blocks within a backup or replica – You now have an option to zero out dirty blocks which means these blocks will not be backed up to the repository, saving space and increasing performance.

  • Guest Interaction Proxy – Application Aware Processing, Guest File System Indexing is now able to be performed by the Guest Interaction Proxy, this is extremely useful especially with Hyper-V virtual machines running in remote sites. Guest Interaction Proxy can be installed onto existing Proxy servers or Windows Servers acting as Backup Repository’s
    • http://www.veeam.com/blog/v9-robo-and-tape-backup-enterprise-enhancements.html
  • The option to Exclude Files and Folders from a Virtual Machine within a Backup Job is now possible.
  • Stop Job after VM completes – If you have the need to stop a job in the middle of a backup, previously the backup would be stopped and files would be left inconsistent. You now have the option to stop the backup job once the current VM has finished backing up.
  • Quick Backup – If you right click on a VM that is part of a backup job, you now have the option to perform a Quick Backup of that 1 VM without having to run the whole backup job,
  • Add-On now supported with Kaseya
  • VeeamZip – An option has been added to be able to delete the VeeamZip backup after an amount of time. Saving you the hassle of remembering to delete the backup file once it’s not needed.
  • Application Groups for DR – You can now build replication groups from Storage Snapshots
  • Explorer for Exchange now supports detailed reporting i.e. who accessed the mailbox, who read what email, and many more
  • Explorer for Sharepoint now supports full-site and site collection restores
  • Explorer for AD now supports restoration of DNS records, GPO and partition objects
  • Explorer for SQL now supports restoring individual tables
  • Explorer for Oracle is now included
  • Explorer for Storage Snapshots – For Netapp, you can now retrieve virtual machine data directly from Snapmirror or Snapvault
  • Grandfather, Father, Son support for Tape retention
  • Remote Management Console is now available for Veeam Backup and Recovery to install on administrator machines

Veeam Backup for Linux (Announced today)

  • An agent based backup for Linux Servers that Veeam will be offering for free (release Q1 2016)

Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Cloud connect now supports Replication to the Cloud for disaster recovery.
  • Customers can failover to the cloud, a L2 VPN is established between the customer and Service Provider. The customer can then access their Virtual Machine across the tunnel, significantly reducing downtime.
  • Cloud Connect Portal – A Web Based Gui for customers to login and initiate failovers. This is extremely handy in the case of completely losing a production site.

Veeam One

  • Assessment Tool – Available for both Vmware and Hyper-V. Asses your environment and highlights any issues before implementing Veeam Backup and Replication

Here are a few photos from the VeeamOn event:


VeeamOn 2015 Welcome Party
VeeamOn 2015 Welcome Party


VeeamOn 2015 Key Note
VeeamOn 2015 Key Note


VeeamOn 2015 Netapp
VeeamOn 2015 Netapp


VeeamOn 2015 VMware
VeeamOn 2015 VMware


VeeamOn 2015 Microsoft
VeeamOn 2015 Microsoft


VeeamOn 2015 Cisco
VeeamOn 2015 Cisco

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