What to Say in a Job Interview

Discover what to say (and what NOT to say!) in a job interview. Watch this quick video for some great tips to help you land your dream job.
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Job interviews don’t have to be awkward or unpleasant. It’s simply a matter of knowing how to highlight your best points, as well as avoiding the most common mistakes that can hold you back from getting your desired role.

In this video, we start with how to answer the basic screening questions in a job interview. It can be a big topic, so we discuss some of the most important things you should say during the conversation. This includes gracefully mentioning who referred you for the role, showing you did your homework about the company, and using their lingo to show you are on the same page as the company.

As important as it is to know what to say, it’s just as crucial to know what NOT to say during a job interview, so we also talk about common job interview mistakes to avoid. This includes oversharing, especially if you don’t plan to stay in the role very long. We also discuss negativity, and we’ll touch on the importance of having some questions prepared to show your interest in the company.

You need to be familiar with the biggest job interview mistakes to avoid. Remember to highlight your best skills when you’re considering how to answer the basic screening questions in a job interview. Get ready to be set up for success!

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Best Things to Say in an Interview
1:07 Mention Who Referred You for the Role
1:58 Use the Company’s Lingo
2:22 Show You’re Enthusiastic and Did Your Homework
2:56 What Not to Say in an Interview
3:16 This Job Is a Great Stepping Stone
4:11 My Last Boss Was a Lunatic
4:51 I Don’t Have Any Questions
5:27 Conclusion

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