What Are the Best Fonts to Use in PowerPoint?


Trying to make your PowerPoint slides more interesting? The right fonts are a key part of that. In this video, you’ll learn how to work with the very best PowerPoint fonts.
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We’ll explore some of the top fonts for PowerPoint. And we’ll look at font combinations for PowerPoint presentation layouts to help your content look great.

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Keep a few key rules about PowerPoint fonts style in mind. The first: keep things readable. Serif fonts are a great choice. They’re sharp and easy to read. Think of popular fonts like Georgia or Times New Roman—these are serif fonts.

Sans-serif fonts are similar, but the edges are smoother and more rounded. You could also use script or decorative fonts, but be careful here. They’re often challenging to read.

Also, embrace font combinations. Use the Font section on the Home tab to explore these. It’s a good idea to use larger serif fonts for headings. Then, you can list body paragraphs or bullets in smaller, similar font designs. It adds a clear visual hierarchy while staying stylish and easy to read.

As you can see, it’s easy to work with PowerPoint fonts. That’s all thanks to Envato Elements. With thousands of PPT templates and custom fonts, you can find new designs that are right for you.

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