Webinar Replay: How to Learn to Code Online and Get Hired


I want to get hired in tech. Is that possible if I learn to code in an online program?

For one reason or another, many of us WANT to launch a career in tech, but don’t have the opportunity to uproot our lives, shell out tens of thousands of dollars, and spend 12 weeks fully immersed in a coding bootcamp to get the skills we need.

Luckily, that’s not the only path to success as a beginner in tech.

In this live webinar, Skillcrush and Course Report talk about just that: How to Learn to Code Online and Get Hired. In the webinar, you’ll find out:

1) How to decide if an online coding program is right for you.
2) EXACTLY what to do during your online class if you want to get hired in tech, and pronto!

You’ll hear from Liz Eggleston, Co-Founder of Course Report and online coding bootcamp expert. Course Report features a worldwide directory of coder bootcamps (with over 1,500 reviews!), and Liz is filled to the brim with tips for finding the perfect code training program for you, plus tactics for success in class.

And our very own Director of Content, Randle Browning, will share real-life strategies for getting hired with your new coding skills, with insights from tech recruiters and our own online coding programs—Skillcrush Career Blueprints.

In the webinar, Randle and Liz get into the details of:

  • How to get hired in tech when you think you missed the boat.
  • EXACTLY what to do during your online class to get ready to freelance or work full-time
  • 3 Questions you MUST ask yourself before you sign up for a bootcamp
  • Must-know tips for actually learning to code
  • The best strategies for getting into tech, even if you’re a beginner

These days, you can TOTALLY learn to code online and use those new skills to get hired. Join Randle and Liz for this free webinar and they’ll show you exactly how to turn an online coding program into a new career.

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