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Blockchain Marketing The Definitive Insights Guide [2019]

Being a marketer in the blockchain world is hard. High competition, dozens of different channels to be active in, High PR costs, and the ban of Google, Twitter, and Facebook make the whole marketing strategy

We Don’t Sell Group Chats Here

The memo below is a near-identical rip of Stewart Butterfield’s iconic memo in homage of Slack’s recent successful public listing, but with the Slack narrative replaced with the narrative of our own early-stage company, Abridged.

8 Common Link Building Myths That Are Holding Back Your Website

Link Building Myths The myth is, after all, the never ending story!! Similar holds true for gossips too!! There is no end to the gossips, doing the round, much beyond the school grounds. The mind-boggling questions

How to build a spaceship?—?my wild voyage discovering the one person company.

The cancer of bigger, better and faster. I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty. But, it’s been roughly two years since I got paid to write my first word and I’m now running a six-figure

The Future of AI-Assisted Social Media Marketing

Who would’ve thought?—?back in 1950, when Alan Turing wrote a paper on “Computer Machinery and Intelligence”?—?we’d today be navigating the complexity of this revolutionary invention, termed Artificial Intelligence? Did Turning think the computation of complex

The Significance of Marketing Strategies for Your Business

The scope of the term ‘marketing’ is not just restricted to advertising a product or a service, but also encapsulates the element of disseminating vital information. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons

Opensource Reddit Sentiment Analysis and Sentence Randomizer

https://github.com/DunnCreativeSS/redditSentimentCombiner Connect to gsheets for later: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rX4mniePZLIUCIFd7H2EdMioR_ip3LhtAjxJ2VclvXg/edit?usp=sharing Connect to Reddit Load top 1000 /r/bitcoin hot posts Take the raw text, split it into an array on newline chars, filter out empty strings Create an array

Influencer Marketing: How To Do It Right

Unsplash This article is about influencer marketing. I already know that because I’m going to be distributing this article to a few different communities of readers that I will be getting some mixed feedback on

How Could Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is science that deals with building intelligent machines that can think and respond like a human. It holds exceptional future opportunities in digital marketing. The impact of AI and machine learning goes

Can Facebook Ads Tell Us Which Asian Country Is Most Crypto-Crazy?

As a marketer in the crypto/blockchain space, I’m fascinated by how similar and yet different crypto marketing and “traditional” digital marketing are. I’ve been particularly interested in the reaction in Asia to the crypto craze,

4 Benefits of Customer Segmentation for Higher Profitability

Research conducted by Econsultancy in association with IBM Watson Marketing surveyed over 1,000 professionals in marketing, ecommerce, and digital. They found that customer segmentation was the topmost priority among these professionals. 72% of them said

Stop Using Gimmicks For Your Cold Emails

Image Source Why Is (Proper) Cold Emailing Important? Cold emailing is the practice of emailing a person that doesn’t know who you are, to achieve some sort of goal. When done correctly, cold emails can

Want To Be Paid More? Find & Solve The Right Problems, Not Just What You’re Told

Don’t Just Do What You’re Told Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash If you do any kind of creative work, like writing, design, programming, web development or marketing, you probably work with a model where sales

Coupon Marketing Strategy?—?How and Why Marketers Should Use Coupon Codes

Coupon sites are a rapidly developing concept which is being used by many people all across the world. It’s no wonder that so many people scour these sites to find the absolute best in deals

Why Basecamp still runs three completely different versions of their software

Jason Fried and DHH are the true contrarians in the world of entrepreneurship. The thoughts they share on Twitter, in their blog posts and their books make people think. Other founders think “I wish I

3 Tips to Automate Content Marketing to Drive the Best Results

Automate or die. As dramatic as that might sound, these words speak volumes about the digital world we live in. Looking at the field of marketing, alone, 51% of businesses currently use marketing automation. Further,

Turning Visitors Into Customers: Five Useful Lead Generation Tools

Image credit: Unsplash Even launching your website and getting people to visit it does not mean you are done. Engaging visitors and collecting their information for crafting personalized offers is key to building the sales process.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes & Courses in Chennai

While other businesses are fronting hitches in their growth percentage, digital marketing industry had already got a growth percentage from 15 to 20. This continuously gives hope that digital marketing industry is constantly raising and

5 Constraints Currently Facing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain emerged as an exuberant financial opportunity with a price and speculation boom in late 2017 to early January 2018—mainly to due to overestimations of what the technology could do and what it needs solved.

Common ICO Marketing Pitfalls

…and how to avoid them find out more at www.blockchainwarehouse.com Creating a hot new startup is a cumbersome task…even when you’re in the middle of a cryptoboom (even if that doesn’t exactly apply in August 2018!).