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How to Code a Mobile-First Responsive Email Template [Tutorial]

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how simple and easy it can be to code a fully responsive and fluid email template. This isn’t complicated or intimidating at all. All it takes is

Emojis in Email Newsletters: What You Need to Know

DesignNataly Birch • April 19, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It Emojis have a long history. It began in the 1980s when Scott Fahlman, leader of Common Lisp, introduced to the world the


Plus Addressing in cPanel

Last year, we shared “7 Ways We’ve Improved Email Hosting on cPanel & WHM” and we looked at some cool features for email accounts. After much improvement, we felt that Plus Addressing was an interesting enough

Postcards – Free HTML Email Template Builder with Drag & Drop

You’re reading Postcards – Free HTML Email Template Builder with Drag & Drop, originally posted on Designmodo. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook! Postcards is here and we want

7 Principles of Highly Successful Email Marketing

DesignPaula Borowska • February 28, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It When it comes to email marketing, there are a few things that make a big difference. Email marketing can be an indispensable

How Did Russian Hackers Phish America’s Power Grid?

The kill chain, the phishing attack and the broken trust graph The Wall Street Journal published an explosive story about how state-sponsored Russian hackers used a variety of techniques and a spider web of compromised accounts

Stop Using Gimmicks For Your Cold Emails

Image Source Why Is (Proper) Cold Emailing Important? Cold emailing is the practice of emailing a person that doesn’t know who you are, to achieve some sort of goal. When done correctly, cold emails can

The exhaustive email management guide: tame your inbox

GwapitBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Nov 6 Ever heard of Inbox Zero? For some, it sounds like a productivity-buff unachievable dream. For others, it might sound like a joke considering the volume of emails they get daily. If you

Mail Server 101: POP3 vs. IMAP

When it comes to technology, there are many things that many of us never stop to think about. Like how a microwave heats food so quickly. How in the world a Keurig works. Or the

30 Seconds to No More Spam with BoxTrapper

If you’re like me, you spend a good portion of your work day sorting through emails from some of your most trusted colleagues — Oprah, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, and maybe more. You might also