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9 Social Media Kits with a Retro Vibe Inspired by the 80s

It’s no secret anymore that a good social media presence can bring anyone some sweet cash. It’s also no secret that in order to start making money online and become an “influencer,” you have to

What Is Sketch? Introductory Sketch Templates and Resources

Quoting Steve Jobs, design is not just what it looks like and feels like; design is how it works. Needless to say, the technical part of any website always matters a lot. We live in

9 Tips for Design Job Applicants to Get that Interview

DesignPaula Borowska • May 20, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It Applying for a design job, like any job, can be stressful. Whether it’s your first role or your fifth one, it’s always

Use Color Accessibility Tools to Improve Your Website Design

Did you know that more than 4 percent of the population is color blind? Different variations of color blindness and other sight impairments can impact the readability and usability of your website. It’s up to

Emojis in Email Newsletters: What You Need to Know

DesignNataly Birch • April 19, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It Emojis have a long history. It began in the 1980s when Scott Fahlman, leader of Common Lisp, introduced to the world the

How to Insert and Use Animated GIFs in Email Newsletters

DesignNataly Birch • March 27, 2019 The web is teeming with websites where videos, CSS dynamic effects and WebGL-powered animations are running the show, but what about the email newsletters? In the majority of cases they

6 Benefits of Using a Copy-First Approach for Designers

DesignPaula Borowska • March 20, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It A copy-first design approach is beneficial in helping design projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a stand-alone page, such as a landing

Plain Text vs. HTML Email Templates: What’s Best for Marketing?

DesignNataly Birch • March 18, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It Plain text or HTML email template? Which performs better? Which generates more leads and provides higher conversion rates? This has been the

7 Things to Look For in a Website Builder for Your Next Project

DesignPaula Borowska • March 14, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It Website builders are great assets. If you’ve chosen to use one, we hope you like it. If you are debating which website

7 Principles of Highly Successful Email Marketing

DesignPaula Borowska • February 28, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It When it comes to email marketing, there are a few things that make a big difference. Email marketing can be an indispensable

Decluttering a Landing Page for Better Design and Higher Conversion Rates

DesignPaula Borowska • February 20, 2019 • Share Share Tweet Share Pin It When it comes to improving the metrics of a landing page campaign, there is no magical trick. There is definitely not a

How Zero Wins: Product Analysis of the Fasting Tracker

What is Zero? Zero was created in 2016 by Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) as a personal side project. It has just one main button that the user presses to toggle between the start and end

Assessing the UX of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s Website

UX Factors According to the United States Department of Health & Human Service’s usability hub, they describe the core of UX as: “…ensuring that users find value in what you are providing to them.” Longtime UX

Founder Interviews: Rob Jelinski of Rob Jelinski Studios

Meet Rob Jelinski, founder of a multi-specialty design agency specializing in Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Front-end Design, Packaging, Illustration, and Print Collateral Davis Baer: Tell us a little about you and your company

From Idea to MVP — Part 2

In part 1 of this article, I talked about the first two out of five steps for converting your idea to MVP. This article elaborates remaining steps: defining architecture, setting up development process and initial

Bridging the Gap Between Design & Code

‘Design & Code’ is a series about design and engineering experiments, processes, and learnings, brought to you by the AirSwap team. At AirSwap, we have an asynchronous and iterative approach to product development. However, one of

10 Best Free Vector Icon Resources for App Design & Web Design in 2018

Icon is a needed element in the design. A rich free icon library will save a lot. Top 10 best free vector icon sites in 2018 for designers free download. There is an abundance of

4 Prioritization Lessons (using Cost of Delay and CD3)

Consider this table. The columns represents mission duration (in months). The rows are Cost of Delay ($s per month opportunity cost). The cells are CD3…the Cost of Delay divided by the expected number of periods